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A number of people have contacted me regarding the shooting in St. Paul Alberta and death of Father Gilbert Dasna.  I was out the door early yesterday morning and home late yesterday evening so have had no opportunity to take a really good look at this until now.

Here are a few articles which I pulled together  as I browsed media coverage and tried to sort out what happened:

11 May 2014:  “Catholic priest confirmed as one of two dead in St. Paul, Alberta tragedy” related articles

I still don’t have a handle on it.  It sounds as though John Carlos Quadros, the gunman, may have shot Father Gilbert Dasna at the rectory of St. Paul’s Cathedral, but police are not as yet saying that is what did or did not happen happened.  I have hunted for new developments in today’s news but, so far, to no avail.

The 32-year-old Father Dasna, a native of Cameroon, was a member of a Nigerian-based missionary order called the Sons of Mary Mother of Mercy.  Ordained to the priesthood 11 July 2009 Father Dasna has been assisting at St. Paul’s Cathedral in St. Paul Alberta since 2011.  St. Paul’s Cathedral serves the missions of Sacred Heart in Saddle Lake, and St. Matthias in Goodfish Lake.

For now I believe it is best that we pray for the repose of the souls of Father Gilbert Dasna and John Carlos Quadros.

I have also been thinking of the family of John Carlos Quadros and the RCMP officers who were injured.  Keep them all in your prayers.

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