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The following Facebook page regarding ex-priest and convicted child molester was brought to my attention and has been posted:

May 2014:  Brendan Foley using name Don Brandano Tommy on Facebook

A little over  two years ago we learned that Brendan Foley was retiring to Managua, Nicaragua because of the cheap cost of living.

Foley is still in Managua.   The latest news is that he is living in the Bello Horizonte
neighborhood of Managua, Nicaragua.

However, the news is that, for whatever reason, he is living in Managua under the name “Don Brandano.”

As you see in the above link I posted the “Don Brandano Tommy” Facebook page, and the Facebook page with a 2012 picture of Brendan Foley inserted.

There is no doubt whatsoever that that is Brendan Foley.

I was given more information but am seeking further clarification and details.


And, as promised, some more information on Brother Benoit Lessard and St. Mary’s International School in Japan.

Yet again talk of the goings on in Brother Lessard’s Grade 6 sex ed class.

It was Lessard’s job to teach the boys sex ed.  At some point the boys were shown the standard films about the birds and the bees, and, I am told,  the boys giggled their way through it.

And then there was Camp KEEP.

First I will pass along that I was told that many of the SMIC  students were Japanese and had not been circumcised.

According to my contact it was at Camp KEEP that Brother Lessard undertook to teach the boys how to clean their penises.

Lessard would instruct the boys to line up in a single line – naked.  Most boys had foreskins.  Lessard showed the boys how to peel back the foreskin to clean  the penis.

I was told that Lessard made the whole process seem so natural that probably not a single boy told his parents, and that some boys saw it as sort of a rite of passage.  However, I was also told that ‘natural’ or not, and rite of passage or not, they were uncomfortable.

This is one of a number of accounts I have received regarding Brother Lessard finding some resourceful way to view and/or touch the boys’ genitals.  I have heard but not reported that he would manually check the boys’ scrotum claiming to see if their testicles had descend .  I have previously reported that he would ask the boys if they masturbated, and if so, to show him how they did  it.

I can only ponder how very fortunate were all those boys who escaped their Grade 6 class unscathed.

On a slightly different note, – well, at least a different name

I have word of another Brother who has not yet been named.  I need to get some more information.


Back to the Father Bruno Primavera saga

Enough for now,


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