Theft prelim.

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Father Robert Couture’s preliminary hearing started at 1o am this morning in Windsor, Ontario  (Ontario Court of Justice, 200 Chatham St.)

05 May 2014: Preliminary hearing, 10:00 am, courtroom #1, Ontario court of Justice (200 Chatham St.)

Father Couture, who has been active in the field of education in the Diocese of London Ontario, is facing charges of theft over $5,000.  According to early media reports  a police  investigation discovered over $180,000 in “irregularities” at Couture’s parish, St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church in Tecumseh.

There will without doubt be a publication ban on all evidence and testimony.  If anyone does attend the only information which can be disclosed publicly sabot the proceedings are such things what Father Couture is wearing and his demeanor, the number of persons in attendance in the courtroom, and, if it can be determined, those who are there specifically to support Father Couture and those who are there simply as observers.  The names of the Crown, defense lawyer and the judge can also be mentioned


I will put together a bit of a blog on the info I have posted to date on Father Bruno Primavera

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