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There are several new articles posted on the Father Bruno Primavera page:-

17 January 2006:  Bruno Franklin Primavera Obituary

1998:   Police News (Primavera charged with forgery and illegal attempt to obtain prescription drugs)

21 July 1968:  Primavera Camp Director “Day Camp expanded”

28 June 1964:  Primavera Playground Instructor in Stratford Connecticut

18 November 1973:  Father Bruno Primavera teaching at St Michael’s Choir School , Toronto

I have also  added dates and other significant information to the timelines on the page.

Yes, it’s taking time.  I find that as I work away sometimes I just have to get up and walk away from the computer – and leave it all alone for an hour or so to catch my breath before carrying on.

The whole package is painting a terribly disturbing picture.

I must tell you that if I could blog just a quarter of what I plan to say, both as I get documents ready to post and work on timelines, I would have a daily tome of ‘insights’ as I  strain to connect the dots which need connecting, and inevitably try in vain to comprehend the incomprehensible..  But, by day’s end I have had it 🙁

So, for now my objective is to get this information onto to the site and out into the public domain in some semi-ordered fashion.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who were sexually abused and/or betrayed by this man.  I must admit too that over the past two days my thoughts and prayers have frequently gone to Father Primavera’s family.  What a heartache it had to be for them to learn of the suffering and torment he had inflicted on so many.


A reminder of upcoming court dates:

(1) Father Rober Couture

There is a preliminary hearing booked for Father Couture on Monday.

05 May 2014: Preliminary hearing, 10:00 am, courtroom #1, Ontario court of Justice (200 Chatham St.)

I strongly encourage those who can do so to attend.  There will without doubt be a publication ban on the evidence, but I believe it is always good when possible to get in there and hear it all with your own ears and see it with your own eyes.

Because of the publication ban there will be very limited to zero media coverage.

(2)  Father John E. Sullivan

There is a court-date booked for Father Sullivan this coming Tuesday.

06 May 2014: 09:30 am, courtroom #101 “to set a date for trial,”  North Bay, Ontario court house (360 Plouffe Street)

This has been dragging along since  2012.  Father Sullivan has yet to show up in that North Bay courthouse.

So, Tuesday is presumably “to set a date for trial.”

Let’s hope and pray that that is the case.

We shall see.

If you live in the area and have the time, please pop into the courthouse to see what happens on Tuesday morning.

And, as always, please keep the complainants and their families in your prayers

Enough for now,


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