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The next court date for former teacher and previously convicted child molester Marcel Lalonde is:

  15 May 2014:  09:00 am, “to be spoken to,”  Cornwall, Ontario  courthouse (29 Second St. W.)

I’m hoping someone will be able to get in there for the 15 th to find out what’s happening here.  I particular am wondering who his lawyer is this time around.  Is it former Crown Attorney Don Johnson again?


I’ve added a few more clippings to the Father Bruno Primavara page.  There are still a few more to go.  I will pick up on that task tomorrow morning.

27 March 1976:  Father Bruno Primavera’s Mother in Toronto for Bishop’s dinner and dance

19 May 1968:    Primavera Camp Director “Teen Counselors Sought”

20 June 1968:  Primavera co-director:  “Sterling House Plans For Swimming Pool”

15 August 1968:  Primavera co-director “Sterling House Closing “

26 July 1968:  Camp counsellor Bruno Primavera:  “Sterling House registering small frys”

21 June 1967:  Bruno Primavera a coordinator for summer camp:  “Sterling House to Open Day Camp”

24 July 1966:  Primavera engaged “Bruno F. Promavera Teacher, Fiance Of Miss Chevalier”

Picture of Father Bruno Primavera added to Father Bruno Primavera page

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