It’s not over

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Monday of Holy Week

Just sentenced to 16 months in jail, handcuffed Father Rene Labelle is led out of the Frontenac Courthouse and into the waiting OPP cruiser

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More on today’s (14 April) events in court tomorrow.  I noted elsewhere that Father Labelle is denying that he molested the boy .  Asked if he had anything he wanted to say prior to sentencing Labelle said ‘I am sorry for the pain and suffering my accuser has been going through and his family.’   Note “my accuser.”

I will add here that we heard today that according to the Dr. Eccles sexual behaviors assessment report Father Labelle is bisexual but has a greater preference for males.  Labelle has had about five sexual relationships with men all involving mutual masturbation.  The most recent such relationship was about five years ago (this is all self-reporting by Labelle).  Labelle also admits that he has viewed pornography, and said that the last time he viewed porn was about 3-6 years ago (self-reporting again)

Finally, for now, and as mentioned elsewhere, Father Labelle is appealing his conviction.  Yes, he was taken into custody and whisked off to jail, but the wheels will now be in motion to get him out on bail pending the appeal.  I believe it is a given that he will get bail – that is pretty routine pending appeal.  There’s a good chance he will be out and about tomorrow.

It will probably take about a year for the appeal to be heard.  Yes, probably a full year.

Father Labelle’s stalwart supporters will be pleased with news of the appeal.  We heard today that there are in fact a number of Catholics who believe he was wrongfully convicted;  I only wish they had been in court for the duration of the preliminary hearing and the trial.

My heart aches for the victim and his family.  It’s not over.  Please keep them in your prayers.

More tomorrow.

Enough for now,


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