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The page for Brother Marcel (Claude)  Villemure is posted.

It’s quite a headache trying to work around the names.  I’m sure it creates confusion for everyone.

For those wondering about the name changes I was told that prior to the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) brothers in religious orders took the name of saint as their own.  They took their vows in that name and were then addressed by that name.  After the council some of the brothers in various orders are said to have decided they no longer wanted to live by their chosen religious name and reverted to their given names.

I haven’t had an opportunity to confirm  this.  It makes sense and would certainly explain all of this confusion, but I can not as yet confirm that that is precisely why most of the Brothers are known by two names.  I believe is is probably fact but would like to see a document quoted or referenced.  If anyone knows any more about this would you please post a comment and enlighten us all?

Further to that, does anyone know another name or names for Brother Allan ?

Brother Allan is the home room teacher who “made me wait after the others had
gone outside the classroom. He showed me about 20 nude foolscap size
black and white photos of me in Brother John’s office and told me
never to look at Playboy magazines again or he would show them to my
friends and parents. He didn’t touch me.”

I have been told that the spelling may be incorrect, but my problem is that a given name? or a religious name? or a surname?

I have no idea.  I need some more information.  If that is a first name, then his surname, and if it happens to be a surname, then wither his religious or given name.

Any and all help appreciated.

Enough for now


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  1. Suzanne Mealey says:

    Yes, in many congretations/orders, Brothers, like religious Sisters, took or were given a new name. You’ll often see it in obituaries. For example: Sister Catherine Green, RSM, 80 yrs., (formerly Sister Mary Padraic) & Frère Roland COUTURE (Henri-François), né à Saint-Henri de Lévis (Québec) le 4 septembre 1917…

    You see many examples of this on the Quebec Christian Brothers’ website obituaries. The older the Brother, the more likely he is to have had a religious name. In the example above, I doubt that any student would have even been aware of Brother Henri-François’ surname, much less his baptismal name. It’s only recently that I’ve found out the real names of my former village school principals, Sr. Sophie & Sr. Marie St. Conrad.

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