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The second witness at the sex abuse trial of Father Eric Dejeager on Tuesday, 03 December 2013 was a female.  Due to the publication ban on names I will refer to her as Tina

In her examination in chief Tina talked abut going to religion classes at the church in Igloolik every day after school.  She described a little room under the stairs on the main floor of the church which was the CB room.  She recalled Father Lechat being in that room talking to other people:  “It was so cute.”

It seems there were doors to two rooms under the stairs.  the room with the CB, and another little room.

Tina provided her recall of the layout of the church, both the main and second floors.

For all of this testimony, Tina was fine.

And then…

Asked what Eric Dejaeger did to her, Tina started to reply.  But, she was having difficulty.  Her voice quivered.  `He was doing bad things to me which he wasn`t supposed to do.`

She went on to recount how when she was around eight or nine years of age she had been sitting on Dejaeger`s lap in a room upstairs.  She was very precise that she was on the right side of his knee.  There was a bed in the room covered with curtains.  She is quite sure it was around Easter because it was almost daylight.  There were other children in the room

Dejaeger was teaching them abut God.  He was touching her in the vagina.  He put one finger in her vagina,  The other children were watching.

Tina thinks the touching went on for about one-half to one hour. She recalled trying to indicate to her girl friends what was happening, but Dejaeger kept saying to her `Shhh.  Shhh.`

She was wet down there.

She has no idea how it stopped because she blacked out.

That was the first incident to which Tina testified.

The second incident related to a day when she was upstairs in the church building.  Dejager directed her to lie down on a bed.  She complied. The Dejaeger directed a boy about one year older than herself to come over and told him what he was to do.  She remembers that the boy lay down on top of her.

Tina identified the boy by name.

She has no recollection of what this boy was wearing, she only saw his face.

When asked who told her get on the bed Tina literally yelled out :”ERIC!”

Were there other things that happened?

Yes, said Tina.  She continued

Tina, her sister and one other child were at the church.  Eric gave them some water to drink.  They drank it.  It seemed like normal water, but there was something in it.  They drank it: she blacked out.

The next thing Tina recalls is Dejaeger saying he had to go to the prayer room (I think she was saying that he had to leave to say Mass).  Tina testified that Dejager then put the children in a dark room under the staircase.  They were warned not to say or do anything.  Dejaeger closed the door.

“ It was dark, dark, dark.”

The children talked. They wondered why it was taking so long.  Finally, they started knocking on the door:

“Can anyone help us?  Can anyone let us out?”

It was Father Lechat who opened the door for them.  “What are you doing here” he asked the children.  They told the priest that Eric put them there.  Lechat took the children by the ears and told them “don’t ever do that again.”  He often took them by the ears like that when they did something wrong.

There was more.  It wasn`t over yet for Tina.

Did she ever see Eric play with his dog?

“YES!!!”  The affirmation was both loud and emphatic.

Tina testified that she and her two friends had been called over by Eric. They were outside.  I didn`t catch where, but do know it was outside.

They got there.

“Oh my God, we didn’t expect anything.”

“He was F—-n’ the dog!”

Tina was in quite a state on the witness stand.

‘He was F—-n’ the dog.  It was so gross.”

“I wasn’t expecting anything.  ……We saw it.  …..We couldn’t say anything.  We weren’t expecting that.”

Tina’s recalls little of what happened before or after .  Three times she repeated “He was F…”  It was as though she was reliving the shock all over again.

Every time she repeated what he was doing with the dog I felt I was seeing what she saw through the eyes of that child.  Sheer disbelief.  Disgust.

She testified that she blacked out.

Then it was on to cross examination.

Mr. Kempt quizzed her on who she talked to and when.  And then:

“Did you tell police that Eric hypnotised you’

‘YES!  Loud.  Emphatic.

“Did you tell police that’s why you don’t remember some things?”

YES!  Loud.  Emphatic.

Do you still think that?

YES!  Loud.  Emphatic.

She didn`t tell anyone what Eric had done to her.  No one.  Just her lawyer.

She received a $16,000 out-of court settlement.

The lawyer Mr. Copper called her.  According to Tina, police called her and told her to talk to Mr. Cooper.

Th,, the final question from Dejager`s lawyer….

Regarding her testimony about being wet:

“Were you sexually aroused?”


She was between the ages of 8 and 12   A child.


Three witnesses this morning.  I will recap tomorrow and next day

I have the good fortune to be here wit a good friend.  Our days have been akin to a comedy of errors – meeting great people, learning so much

Enough for now


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  1. Lieve Halsberghe says:

    Thanks Sylvia for getting this out there. It is tru, when sitting in the courtroom and listening to the witnesses, you are taken back to their childhood. What Erik did to them was very very very cruel. I am sure the judge hears that too.

  2. Bel says:

    It is time that the Child Sex Abusers in every church be Named and Tried as the Criminals that they are.

    In the courts, police, social work agencies there should be no sanctuary for child abuse.

    Thank you for your blog. You are already helping friends.

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