More graphic testimomy from Iqaluit

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It’s taken a while for me to square this away, but finally, here is a report on the testimony from the sex abuse trial of Oblate priest, previously convicted molester Father Eric Dejaeger.

One male victim took the stand yesterday (Friday, 22 November 2013),  He testified that he had been sexually abused when he was boy by Father Eric Dejaeger.  The victim testified in Inuktitut – there is a translator in the courtroom and the testimony was translated into English. 

The following is a small overview the man’s testimony of what happened to him when he was a boy. (A warning to all that some of this is very graphic) ;

(1)   The victim was fondled on a number of occasion by Dejager.  The fondling transpired in, amongst other places, the kitchen and also during confession (Confessions were heard every Saturday at 6 pm);

(2)  In the presence of the dog, Dejaeger would masturbate the boy to ejaculation. – then Dejager would let the dog lick the sperm from the floor, and then get the dog to lick the boy’s penis;

(3)  On at least five occasions he was forced to watch Father Dejager bugger the dog;

(4)  On one occasion while in the furnace room he was forced to sexually touch the dog while Dejager watched.  I’m a little confused on this, but I think that Dejager was  also fondling the boy simultaneous to the activity with the dog.  No matter, the testimony was definitively that the boy was instructed to do what he did to the dog while Dejager watched.;

(5)  He  once tried to escape from the furnace room.  Dejaeger slammed the door shut on his hand.  His hand was cut and bleeding.  He still has the scar.  He lied to his father about the wound and said he cut his hand while playing outside.  (Dejager had told him not to tell anyone about the sex.  I don’t know if the boy was threatened as well, but he was told not to tell);

(6)  The first person he told about what happened to him – aside from his wife  –  was Steven Cooper. the lawyer who initiated a lawsuit on his behalf.  That lawsuit was settled in 2006.  I don’t know the figure for the settlement;

(7)  As did other witnesses this week, the victim broke down on the stand, and again the howls of anguish filled the small courtroom.  All those in the packed room were visibly distressed and impacted by the testimony – except Father Eric Dejaeger.  Dejaeger was busily working at getting  information to his lawyer, Malcolm Kempt.


Unfortunately I have been unable to find any media coverage at all of Thursday or Friday’s testimony  online.  Nothing.  Have I missed something somewhere?  If anyone can find any coverage of testimony from either 21 or 22 November (Thursday and Friday) please send the link.

I will post my thoughts later. I will also wrap up the account of the Father Dan Miller sentencing hearing on 17 September.  It’s taken me an eternity to get that done.  I apologize to those who have been waiting.  Sometimes I just have to set things aside – no rhyme nor reason, but I just have to set things aside and collect my thoughts.  I think I’m good to get back at it 🙂

And, speaking of Father Miller, a reminder to mark your calendars.  Father Miller has two upcoming court-dates at the Pembroke, Ontario courthouse (297 Pembroke Street East)

(1)  His first court appearance on the new sex abuse charges is Tuesday 26 November 2013.  I just realized I don’t have the start time – probably 09:30 am, but I will check on Monday;

(2) Sentencing (for conviction), Thursday, 09:30 am, 28 November 2013



And an explanation as to why I refer to these priests as “Father.”  For me personally this is a constant  reminder to all, especially our bishops, that these predators are still priests in the Roman Catholic Church who, despite their sexual perversions and criminal activity, and despite the disgrace they bring to the priesthood and scandal to the Church,  have not been defrocked.

Enough for now,


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7 Responses to More graphic testimomy from Iqaluit

  1. Kay Ebeling says:

    Wow Great Work, keep it up
    Kay Ebeling,
    Producer of City of Angels Blog where in 2007 I was covering hearings in the L.A. cases and no, the other news media were not sending reporters to these very revealing hearings here in L.A. either.
    Good work!

    • Disgusted Catholic III says:

      Kay the Father Robert Poandl case sounds like one we had here not too long ago, where the victim was a liar, and only after $$. The priest could never have done what they said he did. He just couldn’t have………. All the people that stood behind him are clairvoyant. They’re the same in every community after someone’s been charged. They voice their blessed doubts and when he’s convicted, they’re as silent as the church is. It’s the ostrich syndrome. I’m not saying he was guilty and I’m not saying he was innocent. I’m saying that all the ones that said he was innocent really don’t know. I wish it, therefore it must be true. The one thing that always bothered me was that, he never said he was innocent. He said he had a clear conscience. People think for yourself!

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  3. Cielo H. says:

    Almost all pedophiles are psychopaths or sociopaths that have no more conscience left. That why this Fr. Dejaeger showed no remorse or emotions whatsoever. He and the other pedophiles like him must be kept behind bars for the rest of their lives. They cannot be rehabilitated. I pray the judge sentences him severely for all the unimaginable, horrific, and evil crimes he had inflicted on his victims.
    Until now, I haven’t heard from Pope Francis on how he’s going to deal with this global clergy sex crimes. Sure, he’s talking a great deal about embracing poverty and reaching out to fallen away Catholics, but he needs to address the whole Church sex scandals in resolute, clear, and concrete ways. Otherwise, whatever reforms he’s trying to make will be seen as incomplete and hollow.

    • Disgusted Catholic III says:

      He’s had almost a year and nada, zip, hardly a word. He has the authority and power to do what’s right. Wonders why the collection plate is empty along with the seats. I don’t know about other churches but at ours there are only a handful of children and a couple of teens. They’re in big trouble here in North America. The rest of the world is just starting to report these crimes to the authorities. If Antigonish is any indication of what’s happening, they need to sit up and pay attention.

    • Lina says:

      Cielo H…..I agree!
      When will Pope Francis do something concrete about this worldwide clergy crimes in the Roman Catholic Church?

      There will always be the poor among us. People do help each other but they also have other responsibilities to do too.

      He honestly believes talking about the poor, fall away Catholics, etc…is going to help forget the big crisis of sexual abuse that is hurting victims and other folks all around the world?

      It’s my opinion you don’t end up getting that top post/job of Pontiff without gathering a few skeletons in your closet that you have collected along the way.

      Benedict was the vinegar type of a Pope and Frances is the honey type of a Pope.
      No wonder Pope Francis is being known as a smooth operator.

  4. JG says:

    Ah! Yes! The “new” Pope! Francis!…the one chosen to “fix” the church…
    I have been waiting for that also…waiting for a response or just a word about this “sickness” within the church. It is very easy to see a baby in the crowd, to reach out and make a show of it…a disfigured person embraced by “His Holiness” ….what a photo op!
    I wonder if the show is more important than to recognize all those whose blood isn’t as visible.
    I wonder how “daring” he will be in the short time he has left…
    Those pedophiles are not priests! They are just pedophiles!!


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