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I think Day 2 of the Father Eric Dejager sex abuse trial has been cancelled in Iqaluit today due to the blizzard sweeping through the area.  I am trying to finds out what the status is but do beleive it must have been cancelled.  There is no answer at the courthouse.  That’s very unusual.  I’ve tried several times and no answer.

Gosh, bad weather all over the place.  That terrible storm which swept through the States and into Ontario.  I wonder is this the same storm which is now creating blizzard conditions in Iqaluit?

Anyway. not much news from Iqlauit right now.  I will keep trying to find out what the situation is, but I really do think there is nothing happening in the Iqlauit courthouse right enough for now.

I hope all in Iqaluit are safe and warm 🙂


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