New charges in Bathurst & word from Iqaluit

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Well, it’s far from all over for convicted molester Father Charles Picot

Picot . already twice convicted and once acquitted, is facing a new set of charges:

18 November 2013:  Fr. Charles Picot Case Adjourned Until January

Father Picot – yes, sad to say and as unbelievable as it may seem, he’s still a Roman Catholic Priest – is now facing two counts of indecent assault, one count of gross indecency, as well as one count of sexual assault.

I’m not sure exactly when the charges were laid – will make a few calls and get that squared away.  I THINK this was his first court date on these new charges but not 100% certain.  As I say, I will check further.

As you see, both Picot and his lawyer were no shows and the case is adjourned to 13 January 2014.

I commend the complainant for coming forward.  Good for you speaking up and going to police.  Good for you!

Please, everyone, keep the complainant in your prayers, and all you people in  the Bathurst area mark your calendars for 13 January 2013.  I don’t have start time yet but will find and post it withing the next few days.


The long awaited sex abuse trial of former long time Oblate fugitive and twice convicted molester  Father Eric Dejaeger is finally underway in Iqaluit Nunavut.

The news to date is that he has pleaded guilty to a mere eight of the 76 charges against him:

18 November 2013:  “Northern priest Eric Dejaeger pleads guilty to some sex charges” & related articles

There is no word yet how many, if any, charges were withdrawn.  I am sure there would be some.  We will probably get news of that at day’s end.  What ever is left after the guilty pleas to some  and withdrawals to others are pulled out is what he is going to trial on.

According to media reports, the courtroom is packed.  That’s good news!

Keep the victims and complainants in your prayers.  Witnesses are already being called to testify.

It looks as thought here will be lots of media coverage.  I know that last night there was only one reporter from Belgium and Bob Weber from Canadian Press there from outside the area, but the CP articles are travelling far and wide, and CBC Newsworld had it on as top story on the national news and is doing some digging.  That’s good news. [See comment below]

Please send me links to any coverage you happen upon.  If I have them, that’s fine and no harm done, and if I don’t have them  then I will  post them

I am hoping to fix up the Father Eric Dejaeger page this afternoon.  There is so much information and so many pictures scattered throughout.  Those who followed the saga as it unfolded know what’s there and how to find it.  Those new to this will without doubt have trouble .  There’s just so much.  So,  I’m going to try to find a way to re-order the information.  Wish me luck 🙂

Enough for now,


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  1. Sylvia says:

    I have word that the Toronto Globe and Mail, APTN, CBC, Canadian Press and local news sources are present in Iqaluit.

    And, for those who may have concerns about Father Dejaeger’s health, I also have word that he is not frail. He has a vigorous walk and moves like a much younger man.

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