Charges dropped

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The word is that the charges against Father Howard Chabot were dropped today.  You may have noticed the comment posted by Kate  late this afternoon.  As I replied, I had heard that the charges were dropped and put in a call to the Crown’s office for confirmation.  I am still awaiting a call back.  I have no idea what the circumstances are – there will be something in the papers tomorrow and we will all find out together.  I trust my source so believe it is fact, but would like to be able to tell you a little more about this.

Now I am kicking myself for not making the run to Pembroke today :(.  We don’t have our winter tires on yet and I really did not want to take the chance.  We’ve already had snow, and it’s so darn cold and windy outside – it would have been plain foolish to embark on that run.

So, sad to say I missed whatever explanation was given in court this morning.  Let’s hope we can pick up the threads of what prompted this move.

And the winter tires go on on Thursday 🙂


I have received and will be posting several pictures of Christian Brothers Edward P. English, Joseph Burke, Edward French and Kevin Short from their time at St. Thomas More College in Vancouver.  All pictures are from the early 80s and will be dated.

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to Charges dropped

  1. dispicable you says:

    If the charges were dropped I can tell you what it was about the lawyer did not want to go through with the case because he said he couldn’t win. I asked for my name to be public and then said no. the refused everything is said I wanted I think this is crap the victim is silenced once again. The lawyers exact words to me were if it goes to court we cant win so I will decide what we are going to do that was a week ago and no one called me to let me know. I have to text to police officer and he texted me back but not to let me know the charges were dropped. I am so pissed that justice is not being served. What does this say to other victims out there that see this. Not happy.

    • PJ says:

      If this is the case then I feel terrible for you. You had the courage to come forward and try to prosecute…if the crown decides they “can’t win”, and drop the charges, it might not be the end of it. I thought I read somewhere that the crown can re-instate the charges within a year if further evidence comes to light. If there are others who haven’t yet stepped forward, perhaps someone can talk with them to see if they would. My heart goes out to you if this case is dropped, I know what it’s like to finally have the courage to step forward…you did the right thing.

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