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Buckle in and take a look at this

23 October 2013:   “Abuse victim writes to the Pope” & related article

Tough life?!

And – shades of Father Phil Jacobs – he was just teaching the boys how to masturbate!!!!!

And,  ….. $300,000 in the bank!!!!

Can you believe it?

Don’t many a one of us just wish that we had $300,000 in the bank!

Anyway, I commend those two victims who made the trip to give their Victim Impact Statements at that Parole Board hearing.  Good for you!  And well done Jerome for sending a letter off tot he Pope asking that Father Cloutier be defrocked.  If yo get a reply, please let us know.  We are more than interested.

And good for you for managing to get a tour of the facility where Father Cloutier, a convicted molester, is supposedly doing time ‘behind bars.’    He’s actually in a “living unit.”  Perhaps not all convicted molesters are living in such comfort, but, it makes one  wonder, does it not?

One final thought here, what makes anyone  suppose that Father Bernard Cloutier will NOT re-offend?

Father Cloutier can appeal.  Given his history, it wouldn’t be at all surprising that that is precisely what he will do.  If he does, another full parole review would have to be scheduled.  Let’s all just hope and pray it doesn’t come to that.


I am in the process of adding another name of Father Joseph Edward Lawlor (Archdiocese of Toronto) to the Accused list.  It’s nearly done.  I have to run out now for a spell – will wrap it up when I get home.


A reminder to everyone that I do not by any stretch of the imagination have the names listed of every priest in Canada who has molested a child. If I have not come across news of charges or a lawsuit the name is not on the list.  If a victim came forward but was gagged by a diocese there is a good chance the name of the molester is not on the list.  If no victims of a molester have ever come forward the name will not be on the list. So, just a reminder that the list is not exhaustive.  Also, a reminder that if you know of a clerical molester whose name is not on the list please contact me.

Enough for now,


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  1. Bandson says:

    Thank you Sylvia for posting this article..Jerome, it takes a strong man to “stand-up” as you have..Your courage in the face of such dispicable behavior is much admired. Perhaps the mediator will consider establishing a trust for those children who have been abused by these pedators..perhaps the bishop will offer to match Cloutier “gift”..If we speak, as you have, we may see Our Holy Father “stand-up”.. stay strong Jerome!..my thoughts and prayers are with you and the other brave souls who have bee abused by these bums!

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