I am lost

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Another name added.  Father Aylre’s Cormier‘s name has been added to the Accused pages and a new page opened with further information.

Father Cormier, a former teacher and late vocation to the priesthood is a priest with the Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick.  Father Cormier, ordained in 1992,  received an absolute discharge in 1999 after pleading guilty to charges related to trying to hire the sexual services of an undercover police officer.

This is another one which strikes me as bizarre.  The man is a teacher.  Well into life he decides he is called to the priesthood.  At he age of 52 (1992) he is ordained by Bishop Chiasson.  Seven years after ordination he has presumably retired, but, – is out doing relief work for the neighbouring Diocese of St. John. NB (Bishop Faber MacDonald).  And, the same year he is doing the relief work he is out soliciting from a male who turns out to be an undercover officer!

But the thing is that he decides he wants to be a priest, and then, after a mere seven years ‘on the job,’ he retires?  That’s a very early retirement for a priest, even one who is a ‘late vocation.’ And it doesn’t seem that he retired for health reasons – he was helping out in the neighbouring diocese?

I am lost.

Does all this not sound just a little strange to you?  It does to me.

Was he already on trouble of some sort in the Archdiocese of Moncton?  Is that it?  It’s the only thing which is making sense to me right now.  Perhaps there’s something I’m missing?


I was working on gleaning info on another name – discovered after much digging that the press had erred  and actually mixed up two scenarios involving priests 🙁  Thankfully I got that sorted out before I posted it.


A windy windy day today.  We had a few short power outages, – nothing of any import aside causing chaos for my desk top, but many in the province of Ontario are less fortunate and have been without power for most of the day.

Enough for now,


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