What conscience?

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The name of Oblate priest Father Norbert Dufault and link to page with further information has been added.  I started on this just before heading for the States.  Today I checked out a few more details and think there is now engouh information to get an idea of where Father Dufault was and what he has been up to since his ordination as an Oblate priest and conviction as a molester of young native girls.

The file I was having difficulty compressing is also posted:

December 1964:  Voice of the North (December ’64 edition of Beauval Indian Residential School school paper.  At that time Father Norbert Dufault omi was Principal and Paul Leroux was “Boy’s supervisor.” Both are now convicted molesters.)

Even compressed it is a large file and takes it’s time loading.  Be patient – it will eventually load.

As you see, Paul Leroux was at the Beauval Indian Residential School as “Boy’s supervisor at the same time Father Dufault was was Principal.  I posted the entire school paper.  I personally found that reading through the paper gave me a sense of the school and the innocence of the children.  Note Father Dufault’s words to the children:  “Christian joy is a gift of God flowing from a good conscience.”

What conscience did Father Dufault have, I wonder?  What conscience does any priest who molests a child have, these wolves in sheep’s clothing who blithely and selfishly molest then sacrilegiously and hypocritically carry on acting the role of priest and shepherd?

Note too that Paul Leroux and Father Dufault were amongst those who drove the boy’s choir to Buffalo Narrows in November of that year.

It’s true that we are awaiting a verdict on the Leroux sex abuse charges related to his years at the Beauval Indian Residential School.  But, we do know that he has already been convicted for sexually abusing boys at Grollier Hall.  We also know that Father Dufault was convicted for sexually abusing girls in Dillon Sask. and Beauval.

The charges against Leroux were related to allegations of sex abuse of young boys.

It makes me cringe to think of the pair of them in that school with those poor dear innocent and trusting children.

Let’s pray that justice is done with the judge’s decision on the Leroux charges next week.


A former Christian Brother back teaching at Vancouver College in BC has been stripped of his teaching license.   Joseph Burke presumably had his licence suspended for failure to pay his dues, but read the ruling and see if you don;t think he was ousted for the punishment he meted out on student at the school early this year?

17 September 2013:    Former Christian Brother Joseph Burke –  suspension of British Columbia teaching license for “non payment of fees”

As I noted in my comment, by way of interest, back in March 1996 after the Supreme Court of Canada threw out three sex-abuse-related convictions against Burke and upheld one of assault causing bodily harm, Burke was quoted as follows: “Punishment in general is not particularly efficacious.”

Amazing really, is it not,  that Vancouver College had this man on staff?  It’s true he was not convicted on the Mount Cashel sex abuse charges, but, dear goodness, just read the convoluted thinking which got him off.  And, of course, despite those acquittals he was convicted for beating/spanking Shane Earl until he was black and blue.

So, he’s retired.  And he’s no longer teaching.  At least that is a blessing.


We are unpacked and settled back at home.  I discovered this morning that my dryer is on the fritz 🙁  I had decided to drag all our wash back home thinking I could have it rung through in a jiffy at home.  Not!  I’ve fiddle with dials and plugins – no luck.  There’s just no heat.

And that aside, it’s good to be home.  We had a wonderful visit with family – every day was filled to the brimming from dawn to dusk.  The drive home was fantastic – great weather and, aside the big hiccup with multiple lane closures outside of Guelph, Ontario, we sailed along.  And, this time had the common sense to get off the road when driving on for home for another four hours seemed awfully inviting 🙂

It was a wonderful trip, and it’s awfully good to be home 🙂

Enough for now,


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