Homeward bound

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Leaving for home this morning (Monday, 28 October 2012).

Email troubles again 🙁  I was able to send emails for two days since leaving home and that was it.  Yesterday I discovered all emails sent since last Tuesday are sitting in the Outbox.  My apologies to those waiting for replies – I did send them but, there they are.

This is frustrating beyond measure.  It’s been a problem in the past so, in the wee small hours of the morning we were leaving for the States I got on the phone to Bell to ensure that things would be functional.  All seemed to be well.  For two days.

I managed to cut and paste and resend a number of emails from the Sylvia’s Site mailbox via the Bell website.  That may have to be the route I go when I’m travelling.

Anyway, homeward bound in a few hours.

Enough for now,




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