A brave mother

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Most of you are aware by now that further charges have been laid against convicted molester Father Daniel Miller.

I urge anyone out here who has sex abuse allegations against Father Miller and has been struggling to come forward to seriously consider doing so now.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you – those victims who are awaiting the sentencing from the first set of charges, the complainant who recently came forward, and those who may still be struggling.

I  also want to draw your attention to another Victim Impact Statement which has just been posted, this by a mother whose sons were sexually abused by Father Dan Miller.  This is the woman who went to see  Father Miller down and smacked him across the face after she found out that he had molested her boys.  She is the mother who – believe it or not – was told by a bishop that she needed anger management counselling!

Here is the VIS of this brave mother whose world came tumbling down when she discovered that the priest she had confided in and trusted had been molesting her boys:

17 September 2013:  Victim Impact Statement by mother whose sons were sexually abused by Father Daniel Miller

I thank her for allowing me to share her statement with all of you.


As most of you also know, the sex abuse trial of ex priest Gabriele DelBianco is over;

22 October 2013:  “Evidence concludes in sexual assault case against former Catholic priest Gabriele DelBianco ” & related article

Now it’s a case of wait for 18 December 2013 for  submissions from Crown and defence, and possibly 19 December 2013 for a verdict.

Please keep the complainants and their families in your prayers.  That’s a bit of wait for everyone- those waits are difficult.


And,  very little news from the Paul Leroux sex abuse trial in Battleford, Saskatchewan, but, thanks to a reader we now know that the prosecution has rested and Leroux, who is self-represented, will have himself on the stand tomorrow.

23 October 2013:  Last of prosecution witnesses in Saskatchewan residential school abuse case

I suppose that could go on and on for days on end?  I really don’t know.

I wonder too if he plans on calling any witnesses other than himself?  If he has no other witnesses to call this trial will be over sooner than the three weeks which were scheduled.  But, maybe he has someone lined up?

We shall see.

As always, keep the complainants in your prayers, and please continue to pass along any media coverage you spot.   Unfortunately we really are so in the dark about the nature of these allegations and the trial itself.


Yes, we are visiting in States.  We arrived safely Monday evening.  A cold front has moved down from Canada – freezing cold here.  We just didn’t pack for this weather at all 🙁  I think it’s supposed to last for the week, and by then we will be packing to head home!

My opportunity to really spend time on the computer since arrival was limited, that in part because I don’t want little eyes reading things they shouldn’t read.  I think I have found away around that and should be able to get a couple of hours in a day – enough at least to stay on top of Canadian news and emails and any other  truly breaking news.

The good news for me this trip is that my emails are working.  I have been able to both send and receive – a pleasant change from my last few trips to the States.

Time to call it a day, so

Enough for now,


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18 Responses to A brave mother

  1. Guy says:

    Am I right in reading that she had communicated her findings to the bishop? Did the bishop at the time bring these accusations forward, or any time afterwards? It doesn’t look like it to me.


    • Sylvia says:

      Yes, the bishop was made aware. Father Miller was taken out of circulation for a spell, but no one was informed as to why, and eventually – in fact shortly before he was charged the first time – Father Miller was functioning as a priest.

      I hope to find out more about this arm of the Father Miller saga.

      • Guy says:

        Any further details on this? I think this would expose the level of interest the Diocese has in cleaning this up. If they knew and never brought it forward, it’s a complete breach of any values and beliefs the church claims to teach, and embody.

  2. Eve says:

    Do you know the name of the bishop Sylvia?
    I’m not sure,but are you allowed to type his name here on the site?

    • Sylvia says:

      I will be checking on that when I get back home Eve. Yes, I can and will print the name of the bishop because I believe people should know, but I must first ensure I have the correct name. As soon as I have that squared away I will pass it along.

  3. Disgusted catholic says:

    My question throughout all of this. Why did the Bishop not report to police ???
    Keeping him in circulation sickens me
    And why was he shipped to Lourdes to be “looked after?”
    Were the priests at Lourdes aware ? If yes – were they aiding and abetting a criminal
    As a lourdes parishioner for years. This all sickens me.

  4. Disgusted Catholic III says:

    The priests didn’t know, I know this for a fact. As soon as the Pastor there found out, he had him removed from the residence at Lourdes. The Pastor found out the same time as the rest of us did…..

    • Disgusted catholic says:

      How do you know this for sure ? This is where our pastors need to speak out to all parishioners or we are all kept “wondering” in our pews each Sunday

  5. Disgusted catholic says:

    Did fellow priests not wonder why he was suddenly removed from active duties ? But not really as was still saying mass for grey sisters ? I wonder how the St Joseph sisters where he is residing feel about all of this . Not sure why he is not residing in bishops palace next to cathedral ? Lots of secrecy.

    • Disgusted Catholic III says:

      I believe they were told he had a break down, at least that’s what I heard. We never thought that way before all this started being revealed. There are some out there who are burnt out, and on long term leave. Pastors in the medium to large parishes have a lot of responsibilities and some never take holidays. Just because their off work doesn’t mean they did something wrong. We can’t start a witch hunt. However if the higher ups are keeping this to themselves, they should be held accountable. If I knew someone robbed a bank and didn’t go to the authorities and I tried to hide the offence. what then. Am I guilty as the one who robbed the bank. Robbing a child of their life is worst than stealing money. They can get the money back but you can’t give a person their life back. Murder and molesting are almost the same, there are no take backs. Once it’s happened you can’t undo it. Unless you’ve been victimized you can never understand the day to day struggle. Drugs and alcohol are only masks. One might say he or she is doing alright when asked, but they only say that to make others think that they are. This never goes away. There are good days and there are bad days. Sorry for running off at the mouth. It’s gloomy out.

  6. Larry Green says:

    Sylvia, I have a good idea who this -sorry excuse for a human being- ‘almighty , morally authoritive CATHOLIC bishop is’ but I am waiting impatiently to see it’s name in print here before I call the prick.

    • Lina says:

      It’s unbelievable that the mother was told by a bishop that she needed anger management counselling!

      It was over 2 years ago (early 2011) that I was corresponding with a Catholic priest from the Pembroke Diocese, it was by internet only. I never met or spoken to this priest before in person.

      The subject matter was mostly about my concerns with the clergy abuse scandals in the Pembroke Diocese.

      This priest knew people don’t want the Church to cover up these scandals.
      People want the Church to bring justice and healing instead.
      These clergy scandals was the cause of great problems the Church was facing.

      People understand that there will be “bad” priests.
      What they won’t understand or accept is that the Church treat secrecy as being more important than justice.

      Continuing with the above thoughts in mind what this priest wrote me. One day this very priest and a friend of his got into a heated discussion with a known Monsignor at the Cathedral in Pembroke. Their argument carried on for a few days.
      They came to realize that there was no hope of changing the others mind.
      They dropped the topic, in the interests of regaining a sense of peace in the house. (at the Cathedral)

      This priest, he himself went to the Police to help a male that was a victim of Msgr. Borne.
      He knew of another priest that assisted another victim.

      This priest wanted to help clarify things for me and I quote:
      “Maybe not all of the priests have been as forthcoming with what they know, but some us have.”

      That’s why I believe that a good number of priests and other clergy members (bishops) had to know about the scandals in the Pembroke Diocese.

      The clergy abuse victims need all the support they could get….gee whiz look what they are up against!

    • Disgusted catholic says:

      I have looked up the list of bishops in diocese and it looks like Brendan Obrien would have been the bishop in 1999? Could someone else verify this ?

      • Disgusted Catholic III says:

        That’s a big 10-4 D.C.. After him we had an acting bishop and then bishop Smith who also kept quiet. Both were made arch bishops for their troubles. Bishop Mulhall was left holding the bag.

        • Disgusted Catholic III says:

          Below is a list of Bishops from the Pembroke Diocese .

          * Narcisse Zéphirin Lorrain (1882 – 1915)
          * Patrick Thomas Ryan (1916 – 1937)
          * Charles Leo Nelligan (1937 – 1945)
          * William Joseph Smith (1945 – 1971)
          * Joseph Raymond Windle (1971 – 1993)
          * Brendan Michael O’Brien (1993 – 2000)
          * Richard William Smith (2002 – 2007)
          * Michael Mulhall (2007- )

      • Sylvia says:

        As soon as I know 100% who it was I will pass on the word.

  7. Lina says:

    Thank you to this courageous mother. Such a powerful statement from start to finish.

  8. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    During the last few years, I have researched the history of this church that I blindly followed for so many years. Most interesting to me was period of the “Inquisition”, a really sad and sick part of the church’s real history.
    The church throughout the ages has been hard at work judging and condemning we, the lowly unwashed, for our sins.
    Is it time that we turned the tables and held our own “Inquisition”?

    Perhaps the church should now take a long look at themselves, and hold an internal “Inquisition!

    Light the fires, and boil the oil, folks! Head out to the town square for a bonfire fueled by heretics wearing collars. Mike.

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