Trials continue

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The two sex abuse trials continue today:

(1)  The sex abuse trial of ex-priest Gabriel DelBianco in Sarnia, Ontario

(2) The sex abuse trial of Paul Leroux in Battleford, Saskatchewan

Please keep all the complainants in your prayers.  And let’s pray for good media coverage in both trials so that we have an idea what’s happening in the courtroom.  Any coverage from the Pail Leroux trial would be welcome.  There has been nothing since Day One.; very disappointing.


I probably won’t be able to get that file posted on the Father Norbert Dufault omi page while I am on the road – I don’t have the software on my laptop to do what needs to done.  However I’ll take a closer look this evening after we arrive at our destination to see if it’s at all possible with what I have on hand.

Right now we are about to grab some breakfast and then hit the road for the last leg of the journey.  We drove 15 hours yesterday – collapsed with intention only of grabbing a little two hour snooze and then getting some work done on Sylvia’s Site.  Slept straight through the night 🙂 or 🙁 ?

Awoke this am to discover we have run into a cold front – foolishly didn’t anticipate or pack for a cold snap so we will be shivering 🙁

Time for breakfast, then wrap a few birthday gifts, and then on the road for the last leg of the journey.

Enough for now,


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