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The coverage of yesterday’s testimony at the the sex abuse trial of ex-priest Gabriel DelBianco is posted.  If there is anything which shows up online or in print today or which I have missed please let me know.  For now, here is the coverage from 18 October 2013:

18 October 2013:  “Woman in her 40s says romantic relationship with priest started at age 15 or 16 ” & related articles

I commend the witness who has a child fathered by DelBianco.  I am sure that, under the circumstances, it was not easy to go to police, but you did, and now finally you have had opportunity to let people know about the “Father” Gabe DelBianco you knew as a teen and as a young woman.  Thank you.

And there’s that CIA business again.  Strange.  That’s two witnesses who have testified  that DelBianco told them he was with the CIA.

There is one more complainant to testify next week.  The trial was booked for about eight  days.  It started one day late,  so will perhaps run through until Friday?  Keep the complainants in your prayers through the weekend.  The fact that the trial is on hold until Monday does mean it is two days of relaxation.  Prayers are needed.  These are difficult days.

I wonder if Gabriel DelBianco will take the stand in this own defence next week?  And, I wonder too if his wife will testify on his behalf?  If his wife is going to take the stand that could explain her absence in the courtroom?  Witnesses are usually not allowed in the the courtroom during trial until they have taken the stand.t

Keep the complainants and their families in your prayers


Not a single media word regarding the Paul Leroux sex abuse trial in Battleford, Saskatchewan.  Not a word.  There was a flurry of coverage on day one, and that it seems was the end of it.  I checked and re-checked throughout the day yesterday.  Nothing.  Finally I called the courthouse – I thought that perhaps something had happened and the trial must have been adjourned until next week.

No.  Not so.  The trial has been running as scheduled all week.

Is there not one single reporter in the courtroom?

Perhaps there will be a big catch-up article today, one which recaps the goings on in that Battleford courtroom from Wednesday to Friday?  I certainly hope so.

If there is coverage anywhere out there please let me know where it is.  I and many others are anxious to hear what is happening.  Meanwhile, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Speaking of Paul Leroux, another name will be added to the list.

Wait ’till you hear this…

The name of Oblate priest Father Norbert Dufault omi will be added.

In 2004 Father Dufault pled guilty to the sex assault of eight native girls during the 50’s and 60s.  It seems that the abuse transpired largely during his years in Dillon, Saskatchewan, but there may have been overlap to Beauval, Saskatchewan.

Yes, that’s right.  Beauval.

Father Dufault was Principal of the Beauval Indian Residential School from the early 60s until 1964.

And, yes, the two were there at the same time, at least for a few years.  Father Norbert Dufault was Principal for a few years while Paul Leroux was working as a supervisor at the school.

Doesn’t that just give you chills?

Anyway,  I have been putting together a page of information on Father Dufault.  Whatever stage it is at tomorrow I will post it to get the information up and out.

Enough for now,








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