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Has anyone seen any coverage at all of the sex abuse trial of ex-priest Gabriel Del Bianco?  This long-awaited eight-day trial started yesterday in Sarnia, Ontario.  I can find no coverage of yesterday’s events online. Nothing!

Is there any media in the courtroom?  or, has the coverage just not been posted online yet?

Please, anyone who is attending who is NOT scheduled to take the stand as a witness, give us an idea of what happened yesterday.  Also, if anyone finds any coverage anywhere, please send a link to me ( or post it as a comment.

Keep the complainants in your prayers.


There is no lack of coverage of the sex abuse trial of Paul Leroux which started yesterday in Battleford, Saskatchewan. Yesterday I posted several articles:

15 October 2013:  “Trial begins for Sask. man accused of abusing 14 residential school pupils” & related article

This morning I posted another batch:

16 October 2013:  “Leroux trial begins in Battleford” & related articles

I’m unsure how many of the articles made it to print or actually aired, but there is certainly no lack of online coverage.  As you will see, many of the articles are verbatim of others from other online sources.  Those included in this page are far from exhaustive of the coverage, but I do like to post as many as possible to give people and idea of how extensive the coverage might be.

If there is anyone attending the trial who is NOT scheduled to take the stand as a witness would you please give us a bird’s eye view of what it was like in the courtroom yesterday?  For example:

How many people in the courtroom?

(1) was anyone in court with Paul Leroux?

(2) How did Leroux conduct himself?  ie, was he checking to see who was in the room?  and was he locking eyes with observers?

(3)  Did Leroux cross-examine any of the witnesses who took the stand yesterday?

(4)  Are there many people waiting outside the courtroom who are to be called as witnesses and therefore not allowed to be in the courtroom?

Any information at all would be most welcome.

A reminder that Leroux is representing himself, this means that it is he who will cross-examine those whose sex abuse allegations against him led to these charges – that will be very difficult for the complainants.   As the trial moves on with three weeks yet to go, keep the complainants in your prayers.

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