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I will eventually write up my observations of what I saw and heard at the sentencing hearing of Father Daniel Miller in the Pembroke, Ontario courthouse yesterday (17 September 2013).  For now I am posting media coverage.  I have also posted a few pictures I took outside the courthouse, and am in the process of posting a few Victim Impact Statements.  The following have been posted:

17 September 2013:  Victim Impact Statement from mother whose son was sexually abused by Father Daniel Miller

18 September 2013:  Priest stole their innocence

17 September 2013:  PICTURES  Outside the courthouse:  Pictures from Father Daniel Miller sentencing hearing 17 September 2013

18 September 2013:  Crown asks for nine-month sentence for Father Dan Miller in sexual abuse case

17 September 2013:  Ontario victims describe consequences of priest’s abuse

I will be posting two more Victim Impact Statements shortly.  I had asked for copies of VIS from others who took the stand yesterday.  Those whom I asked kindly agreed to allow them to be posted, we just have to make arrangements for me to get them, hopefully we will get that sorted out today.

I just feel so strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to hear first-hand what happens to a child –  and, yes, a mother – when a priest sexually abuses a child.  You can’t “hear” it on Sylvia’s Site, but when victims allow their VIS to be posted, you can read it [I am redacting anything in the VIS which might identify the victim or his family].  People need to understand the absolute devastation caused by clerical sexual abuse.  I believe that this is one way which says what needs to be said far better than I could ever hope to say or recap.

To all who so readily agreed to let me post your words, thank you so much. I do believe your words will reach and touch the hearts. Thank you.

Once the next two statements are ready and posted I will make note.  Keep an eye on  NEW to the site, or check the Victims page, or, of course, go to the Father Daniel Miller page.  The links will be posted at all three locations.

Once I get the VIS posted I will post a few other articles on the site and then write up my observations from court.I had plans to get that done right away this morning but, it’s been one of those days where the phone hasn’t stopped ringing, and all were important calls which needed time.  One of those strange days.  I am now back at the computer 🙂


A number of people have been asking about the next court date for Father Robert Couture.  Here it is:

26 February 2014:  09:30 am, courtroom #10, “for hearing,”  Windsor, Ontario courthouse

I’m not sure what “for hearing” means.  It doesn’t see to be for a preliminary hearing.  Can anyone help me out here?  I know it is open to the public, but that’s all I know at this time.  If I don’t hear an explanation from anyone I will check it out further in a week or two.


Father John Sullivan’s next court date is:

24 September 2013:  09:30 am, room # 101, North Bay, Ontario court house (360 Plouffe Street)

Thank you L M F C for attending and passing on the information.(I am going to try to move that comment over tot eh Father John Sullivan page to keep the information together.  I think that’s where it was meant to go)


The Ottawa Archdiocese has issued a Press Release regarding the lawsuit launched against Father Jean Gravel.  I will post that shortly along with additional media coverage.

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