Judge reserved his decision

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I’m just home from Pembroke – the Father Daniel Miller sentencing.

First, the judge has reserved his decision until 28 November at 9:30 am.

Second, there were 35 to 40 people in the courtroom.  A good turnout.

Third, the victim impact statements were excellent – heartbreaking, but excellent.

Finally – just for now – I had actually tried to post a comment from my iPhone at lunch.  I thought I had posted it but it didn’t make it through 🙁  Another learning curve begins!

There is lots to tell you.  I need a few moments to get supper on and clear my mind.  I find that these are invariably difficult and frustrating days.  If I feel that way, how in the name  of goodness do the victims feel?

Anyway, one more little note for now.  Robert Carew (Father Miller’s lawyer) actually cross-examined the first few victims after they gave their victim impact statements.  He honest to goodness did.  It was cruel.  It was terrible. Yet another re-victimization for those poor souls.  I didn’t expect that.  I don’t think they did either.

I have a few pictures too – will post later.

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  1. Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

    I was in the court yesterday for the proceedings, my heart goes out to all the victims and family who were so very brave to address the perpetrator in such forthright and honest manners….My head is still spinning from the antics of the defense attorney and his questioning after impact statements were given, to be truthful, it sickened me to see them be revictimized in that way!!!
    I applaud the other 3 Arnprior parishioners who were there to see what transpired…too bad others didn’t have it in their hearts to go so they could hear the statements and acknowledge to themselves and others that their “dear” Fr Miller REALLY was a child sex abuser.
    It is my understanding that a lot of Arnprior people follow this site, somedo comment, thank you Pat Noonan for commenting, but most are the silent majority who do in private, acknowledge the criminal deeds of Fr Miller, HOWEVER, it is that other Group, who STILL can’t fathom that Fr Miller would do such things…(even though he has plead guilty) and WHAT he plead guity to was negotiated, you may be sure…. Anyway…sentencing is Sept 28th, please mark your calendars, if you can make it, to support the VICTIMS!!

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