That was the end of it

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Father Damian Cooper has a court date tomorrow morning in Vancouver, British Columbia:

06 September 2013:  09:30 am, application for files will be argued before a judge or Master in the Vancouver, BC courthouse (800 Smith Street)

I urge those who can do so to attend to find out what arguments are used by the Vancouver Archdiocese and Father Damian Cooper regarding disclosure of files.

Please keep Kathleen in your prayers.


Now, regarding the sentencing and conditional sentence received by Father Phil Jacobs.

Father Phil Jacobs was arrested August 2010.

There has been intense interest on Sylvia’s Site in the charges against this priest.  In short order there  were victims from the States posting and/or contacting me privately.  There were family members of victims posting and/or contacting me privately.  There were individuals contacting me with information they wished to be kept private.  And there were several individuals who contacted me with information regarding Father Jacobs time in Saudi Arabia, and another with information regarding his time in Prague.

One of the victims from the States was ready to assist in any way that he could.  We were both uncertain as to how to proceed.  We agreed that I would contact police.

I must be clear here that at no time did this man  and I discuss his sex abuse allegations against Father Jacobs.  When I realized he was ready to talk to police and might possibly be a witness or file an affidavit I avoided getting any of the details lest divulging such information to me create problems in court.  When criminal charges are on the table or perhaps in the offing I always ask victims not to tell me any of the details of what happened.  It’s just better that way.

I contacted police.  In short order I was asked to write a report on my involvement with the Father Philip Jacobs case, file # 2009-29009

Before writing up this report I had asked one of my Saudi Arabia contacts if he would be willing to talk to police.  He was, and in fact had another person who worked at the university who was also offering to talk.

The report was sent.  I included the names and contact information of those who had given me permission to do so.  I added some information which I had received from a man in Massachusetts, however I had emailed him asking if he would be willing to speak to police and had received no response.  His name was not divulged.

I also copied excepts from the blog,  Included was a comment posted by GNAL dated 25 December 2010

When asked about his past and whether he had ever been married, Jacobs would tell his audience at Jubail University College that he had once been happily married and that he and his wife were the perfect image of marital bliss. Then, clearing his throat, he would go on telling us that his beloved wife had one day fallen sick and was later diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with their child.

A daughter was born a few months later, but his wife would tragically not survive her cancer and pass away soon after their daughter’s birth.

By that time, Jacobs could no longer control his tears and his sobs. Tears welling up in his eyes, Jacobs would then continue and tell his audience that to add calamity to tragedy, his daughter had soon fallen ill and also died from cancer.

Jacobs was so convincing that many of us thought that the reason why he often seemed so stuffy and withdrawn was that he was a scarred person, silently suffering from some unbearable personal agony.

Well, we are now all aware that it was all lies and we should perhaps nominate Jacobs for a best performance Oscar for an actor. That man can most certainly tell a lie or two!!!

I drew attention to the following three blogs posted by John R & Janet J Nungesser

We reported Jacob’s abuse to the Pastor of St Philip Parish, Columbus OH. We also reported him to Bishop Griffin of Columbus Oh Diocese. The reply, in short, forgive and forget. It made no diference that Phil Jacobs molested 2 of our sons!

The “statute of limitations” was past!

Several other St Philip parishoners’ sons had also been molested by Jacobs! Griffin and Monsignoir Malloy advised us overly concerned parents that our children, now in their 20s, have to “apply” for mental help! That the diocece was being beseiged with “unfounded allegations” simply jacked up the Diocese’s determination to ignore the problem!

We heard that Ratzinger (now our illustrius pope) filtered the information that finally got to Pope John Paul!

The bishops and cardinals that had so much contact with the MOLESTER problem are the same gang that agreed that RATzinger should be pope!

Which came first, the threats to expose the coverups of the bishops / cardinals, OR the threat that if RATzinger wasn’t made pope, RATzinger would expost the dirty little secrets of the bishops / cardinals????!!!

It is obvious, that given the sheer numbers of exposed priests, that many bishops and cardinals either were, and/or still are, pedifiles themselves!!!!


Jacobs baptized, married, camped at our farm, ate at our table, taught religion at St Philip school where Janet taught, and where she became principal. The creep heard our confessions, and then invited our boys and their friends, several not Catholic, to the Jacobs’ cabin at Buckeye Lake.

The St Philip Parish thought Philips was “God’s gift to us”!!!

Years later, Philips was invited to our graduation party. He was “outed” by #3 son who refused to enter our home to celebrate #5 kid”s Graduation because “that S__ O__ A ___ B____ Q_____r was still our friend! We had NO IDEA Jacobs had “partied with our young boys”!!! We IMMEDIATLY contacted the Diocese! The “go-fer” there said we had a large imagination! Bishop Griffin was Non Co-operative!

Janet and I called fellow Parishioners. Many were aghast. We got feed-back from several other families whose boys, also now adults, admitted to being MOLESTED by Jacobs.

Then the S___ hit the Fan! Jacobs, long transferred to another parish, was “disappeared” to the east coast (we tracked him there). He was then moved to Europe for “re-education sabbatical”! We then opened the flood gates when we contacted Rome, … and all hell broke loose!

We were TOLD by the Columbus Police, and Lawyers, that the statute of limitations had run out, and we didn’t have enough “suction” to take the Church to task, Spell that $$$$$$! and, in truth, we didn’t! Then, after all that, even though Janet didn’t grasp the significance, that she was “managed out” …. (made so miserable that she went for medical help, Depression) of employment by the Diocese of Columbus!

Janet retired “early” to save her sanity! (and probably avoided getting “demoted” out!)

I have talked to many “clergy”, including several Pastors, all who hate the stigma, but suggest that we will be happier if we “let go and let God”!! Oh, well…………………..



Our sons are in their 40s now. And they are still deeply aware of the lack of justice rampant in the church! Of our 5 children, only 1 is “practicing” Catholic. That has removed 14 of16 grandkids from the church!

Janet was “managed out” of being principal at St Philip School, as she was too close to the problem.

Several years later we found out that another priest at the school was also a pedifile!

Had I been asked to do so I would have readily contacted the Nungessers and asked if they wold be willing to talk to police.

It never happened.

That was the end of it.  No one was contacted.

Now, true enough I don’t the logistics of using people from out of country as witnesses, nor do I know the ins and outs of entering affidavits from out of country as evidence.  But, I was not told that there was no merit in proceeding any further, and I was asked to write a report.

I did that.

It breaks my heart to think that there was evidence out there which might have made a difference.Now it’s all over.  Father Phil Jacobs won;t spend a single day in jail.A long time I ago I asked those with stories to tell if they would be willing to do so after the trial was over.  Several agreed to do so.  I will now get in touch with each and hope that they are still willing to share a very painful corner of their lives.  If nothing else, we can let the world know a little more about the real Father Philip Jacobs.I get the impression from media coverage that there is no big move on the part of the Victoria Diocese to have Jacobs defrocked.  I believe it is imperative that Father Jacobs not only be kept out of ministry, but put out of the priesthood.   If you concur, please please let the bishop know.

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to That was the end of it

  1. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Congratulations, Phil! you can now carry on as if nothing ever happened. You will shortly be free to continue being the sick, depraved hypocrite that you have always been.
    You won’t be alone either. You’ll have lots of priest “buddies’ of the same ilk to hang out with.
    You can now carry on with “God’s work”, eh? Your bishop must be soooooooooooo proud of you. Mike.

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Oh yeah, Phil. I forgot. You should get in touch with Patrick Slaney.
    You’d make a wonderful couple. Mike.

  3. Leona says:

    I’m glad that I had the opportunity to stare at him and watch as he couldn’t raise his head at all, like Max taming the wild beasts in Maurice Sendak’s “Where The Wild Things Are”.

    Now he can make the claim that he needs to attend mass daily in order to save his soul.

  4. Leona says:


    Your efforts were important in this even if they didn’t make it into the sentencing. With budget cuts in the prosecutors office and in police departments I believe they don’t have time to do the leg work that needs to be done. Their budget would have been nothing compared to what must have been available to one of B.C.’s top defense lawyers. Who paid for Chris Considine to represent Phil Jacobs?

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