Why the stall?

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Father Robert Couture was due back in a Windsor, Ontario court house this morning “to set a date.”

I will check tomorrow to see if indeed a date for something of significance (i.e., guilty plea, preliminary hearing or trial) has been set.  One way or the other, I will get the date for Father Couture’s next court date.


I have added what’s called a “plugin” to Sylvia’s Site.  This one is to allow those who post comments the opportunity to go back to make corrections to their comment within five minutes.  You will see after you submit your comment that a screen opens advising that “Your comment is awaiting moderation” and under your comment a link “Click to edit” with a five minute countdown.  Within that five minute timeframe you can click and edit your comment.  Should you edit, you then click the “Save” button and your changes are saved.  The clock will continue to run down for the remainder of the five minutes, thus  allowing you again to edit if you so choose.  At the end of the five minutes the comment will be posted.

Let me know if there are problems.  And let me know if you like this new feature.

I am hoping this works.  There is a possibility that the plugin will cause problems with other more necessary plugins on Sylvia’s Site.  If that happens I will have to remove it, but, let’s give it a try and see how it goes 🙂


Someone with a gmail email address sent me a personal email with questions regarding a priest from the Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta.  I attempted to reply but twice the email bounced back.  If you are the person who sent this email and are reading this would you please email me again with a different email address, or perhaps send me your phone number and I can call you?


There is a courtdate for Father Joe LeClair  tomorrow, but this is just his lawyer and the Crown with a judge.  It is NOT open to the public.  This will probably be a bit of sorting out what evidence can or can not be admitted in court at the preliminary hearing, and which witnesses can or can not be called.

The preliminary hearing is booked for 20-31 January 2014 and 24-28 February 2014 at the Ottawa, Ontario courthouse (161 Elgin St.).  Once upon a time that seemed an eternity away.  It’s getting closer.


Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre has a court-date tomorrow morning at the Sudbury Ontario courthouse.

30 August 2013:   09:30 am, for adjustment of some sort, Sudbury, Ontario courthouse (155 Elm St.)

Father Lefebvre was committed to stand trial in the Ontario Superior Court October 2011.  Yes, 2011.  Nearly two years ago.  I was told back then that it could be ages before a trial date is set.  We’re still waiting!

I hope that someone can pop into the courthouse tomorrow to find out what the heck is  going on.

As always, keep the complainants in your prayers.  And, as always, if you hear any news of the outcome, or see or hear anything in the media, please pass it along.


“Tanya” will no longer be posting comments on Sylvia’s Site.

I will post a series of email exchanges between Tanya and I so you know a little more about Tanya and ‘her’ interest in the sex abuse crisis in Roman Catholic Church.  I have not responded to Tanya’s email of 27 August and have no intention of doing so.  Here are the  emails in ascending order, from mine of 26 August, to Tanya’s of 27 August 2013

27 August 1:23 am


Hello Sylvia

Thank you for your reply

Unlike you and the other site “contributors” I have no interest in the “restoration”  or “cleansing” of Roman Catholicism. The libretto I am following  is particularly anti- Christian and anti clerical.

I am using the site to undermine Roman Catholicism- a particular religious identity group I have a visceral loathing for.

You have simply provided me with the tool to further this work.

Clearly my “contributions’ are at an end.

I wish you well in the continued exposure of rapist Roman priests and their supporters. It is always interesting to watch a religious group implode and its followers attack one another in the manner they have done and so brilliantly illustrated on the site.

I shall follow your work with keen interest





From: sylvia.maceachern@sympatico.ca


To: [Tanya]


Subject: Re: phone call


Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 01:05:19 -0400


Hi Tanya


You were assuming  a dominant role  on the site.  You had reached a point in your “contributions” that I do need to know who you are and what you may or may not know about situations around the world.  You write as someone who “knows” about everything everywhere, however, I have discovered that is not always the case.  I take pains to try to ensure that the facts presented on the site are facts.  If I am uncertain of something, I make that known and ask questions for clarification.  I know my limitations.  


When someone posts something which raises serious questions for me I get in touch privately to verify.  I want all information to be as accurate as is humanly possible.  For me there are both serious legal and moral considerations.


You prefer to remain anonymous.  At this point I am uncomfortable with the situation.  I need to know who you are so that I can try to put what you have to say into context and, in all honesty,  know how much I can trust your research.  You are not the normal blogger.


I think Tanya you might consider starting a site of your own which would leave you free to say what you want.






 From: [Tanya]


Sent: Monday, August 26, 2013 7:23 PM


To: cornwall@theinquiry.ca


Subject: RE: phone call




i am preferring to remain anonymous here.

if it is about my contributions then i am happy to tone them down or have you moderate before any publication

i hope that is satisfactory






From: sylvia.maceachern@sympatico.ca


To: [Tanya]


Subject: phone call


Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 16:45:43 -0400


Hi Tanya


I need to talk to you.  Would you please send me your phone number and a convenient time to call?


Sylvia MacEachern


In mid August there was some discussion regarding the status of Bill 37 the Child Pornography Reporting Act, 2008.  The discussion ensued because the bill was to amend Child and Family Services Act.  Some thought the amendments t the Act were now in force.  I thought the bill received Royal Assent but for some reason was not in force.  It made no sense.  I said I would check into it to get clarification.

I just today received word that  Bill 37 received Royal Assent, but – five years later – has never been proclaimed and is therefore not in force.

This truly is bizarre.  There are further steps I am supposed to take here to find answers from the Minister responsible..  I will do what I can, but had already contacted that office by phone and was promised answers which, to date, have not been forthcoming.

What I wonder  is the stall on this?  Most if not all of the amendments from the bill deal with child porn and the duty to report.  Check the grayed out areas in the Child and Family Services Act (scroll to Section 72 “Duty to Report” ) – those are all the amendments from Bill 37.  The bill was passed, and received Royal Assent five years ago, and the amendments are still not in force.  Why not?  What’s the problem here?  Who brought this to a grinding halt?

Enough for now,




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2 Responses to Why the stall?

  1. 1yellowknife says:

    Sylvia: I love the feature which enables edits after posting. Thanks for providing this. LH

  2. JG says:

    This “Tanya” sounded more like a “Steven…” to me …a sort of narcissistic “shoe-bomber”..He had too much information for a little mind,waiting for an implosion, bent on destruction! A pathetic bigot….
    On another post (Mullany) I said he was “prejudiced”… I think he is just an old fool!…and is short presence here, he overrated! He was like the idiot you take hunting and who fires in all directions…He goes home without “game” and you don’t really care to see or hear of him again.
    Probably best for him to remain anonymous. He didn’t contribute anything or destroy anything he should wish to associate with his real name, unless he values ridicule!
    Good Riddance of a “frog who wanted to be a cow!”

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