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The following two names have been added to the Accused list:

(1) Father Gerard Lambert 

As you see, he died at age 52 before standing trial. He was studying something or other at St. Paul’s Univeristy in Ottawa when the charges were laid.

(2)  Father Wayne Dohey 

Please take time to read your way through the articles at the foot of the page.  What a debacle.  The judge didn’t believe that the Father Doherty had a relationship of trust with the victim, …and lo and behold, the  charges were dismissed!

The victim was 14 when the abuse began.

The archdiocese obviously believed the girl’s allegations were credible when she reported to Bishop Brendan O’Brien in 2001.  O’Brien allegedly claimed that she did not want to got to police.  She denied that that was the case – she said didn’t know she had the option of going to police.  And all of this episcopal dancing on the head of the pin because the victim was 18-years-old when she reported!

But, bottom line, Father Dohey was shipped off for counselling, and then back he came, … and  back into ministry!

Charges were laid in 2007.  In short order there was a preliminary hearing,  and the judge dismissed the charges because he did not believe the girl had been in a relationship of trust with Father Dohey!  This truly is an unbelievable ruling.  I would love to see the actual ruling, but seems there was a  publication ban on the bulk of the evidence so no luck.  There is however some good reporting on the ruling – there are several articles posted so take a good deep breath and few moments to read through.

Father Dohey is still very much a priest, and in active ministry, in the Archdiocese of St. John’s Newfoundland.

I am beyond trying to understand how this can happen, especially in a place like St. John’s Newfoundland which has had more than its fair share of sex abuse atrocities.

I’m calling it a day 🙂

Enough for now


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