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Father Robert Couture had a cour date in Windosr Ontario this morning (21 August 2013) at 09:30 am.  I will check tomorrow for the next court date.


The grandchildren are gone, and a few more family celebrations have been celebrated.   I finally feel that I can safely say that life will now return to what constitutes “normal” for me.  Time for me to get back on track here 🙂  But, shades of a few weeks ago, I am right now waiting for a telephone repairman to arrive – we have had phone problems for the past week – all being well that will be taken care of today 🙂

I am posting a number of recent media articles.  Catching up!  Check New to the Site  (A reminder that as I add each new article, document and/or name to Sylvia’s Site I post a link a link on New to the site.  The page can be accessed manually by clicking on the white “NEW” button on the black horizontal menu under the picture above.)

Enough for now,


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