No presumption of innocence here?

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There are two cases in court today (Tuesday. 06 August, 2013)

(1) Father John E. Sullivan

09:30 am, courtroom #101, “to be spoken to,”  North Bay, Ontario court house

If anyone was there and can pass on any news of the outcome, please do so by posting a comment or sending me an email at:  I will check tomorrow for the next court date.

Also, I was able to get a little further information on the charges against Father Sullivan.  Here it is:

There are now two complainants and a total of four charges.  There is one charge of gross indecency related to the allegations of the first complainant.  Those allegations essentially date to 1968 and 1969.  The three charges related to the allegations of the second complainant are:  two charges of gross indecency and one of buggery.  Those allegations essentially date to the years 1966 and 1967.

And, for those are interested, Father John Edward Sullivan was born 13 February 1925

(2)  Father Robert Couture

09:30 am, courtroom #10, pre-trial hearing, Windsor, Ontario courthouse

I was told that this would be open to the public.  Did anyone manage to make it?  If yes, can you pass on word of what happened (only whatever can be reported on – nothing which is under publication ban)

Here too I will check tomorrow for the next court date.


I have received unsettling reports that at Sunday Mass in at least two churches in the Pembroke Diocese the parish priests announced that Father Howard Chabot is innocent.  In one instance a message was apparently delivered from Father Chabot to parishioners via the parish priest assuring them of his, Father Chabot’s,  innocence.

Does anyone have any more information on these announcements?  I really would like to know exactly what was said, and by whom, and where.  I am also wondering how many priests in the diocese made a similar announcement?  was it two?  was it more?

Please get in touch with me if you can tell me any more.

I believe it goes without saying that  any priest who makes such an announcement is  abusing the trust which parishioners place in him, and is seriously overstepping his bounds as a priest.

What a terrible burden these priest have heaped on the shoulders of the complainant.  Clearly the message from the pulpit is that the complainant is an outright liar.  There is no presumption of innocence for the complainant here, is there?  What else can I say but the complainant has been accused and charged and tried and found guilty,  …… by a Roman Catholic priest!

Please, if anyone can tell me any more, get in touch (

And please please pray for the complainant, and for any one else who might be struggling to go to police with information and/or allegations. Pray that they will not be intimated by  parish priests who misuse their pulpit to villify those who allege sexual abuse by a priest.  And, that’s what’s happening, is it not?  So, pray for those poor souls who do not have benefit of a pulpit or captive audience.


I am trying to sort out the sex abuse protocols for the Pembroke Diocese.  As a result of a news article which seemed to indicate that the Bishop’s Delegate contacts police I sent some questions to the diocesan spokesman.  I still haven’t got it sorted out, at least not enough to say explicitly one way or the other who the Delegate reports to.  Once I have it cleared up I will pass it along to you.


You may have noticed that I added the name of Edmundite priest Father Paul Pinard sse to the Accused list.  I don’t have a lot of information on him, but enough to believe that there are probably a number of his victims in Rosemere, Quebec.

Does anyone know anything about Father Pinard’s years in Rosemere, both as a parish priest at Holy Cross Roman Catholic in Rosemere and as a teacher at Rosemere High School.


I hope everyone in Ontario had a good long weekend.   My husband, sons and grandson headed off fishing on Saturday.  I stayed home and mowed the lawn 🙁

But, really it was a good weekend.  I enjoyed the time behind the lawn mower.  I’m in think mode again – so much to think about, and I swear I revisit the same territory in my thoughts time and time again, ….but as time passes and new information comes my way the manner in which information is scrutinized differs, and sometimes I “see” something which I failed to see in the past, or I conclude that there is an action which I must take which was not in the cards in the past.  Anyway, I have allowed myself ample time to entertain my thoughts 🙂

And that’s enough for now.


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