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I have added a number of bits and pieces of information to the Father Howard Chabot page.  There are still a number of gaps to fill in.  Anyone who has information which fills in any gaps please post a  comment or send me an email at: cornwall@theinquiry.ca

First, I want to commend the complainant who went to police.  Good for you!  Good for you!!  Stay strong now, and prepare yourself for a fairly long wait before this goes to trial.  It will probably be around two years.  If it’s sooner, well, that’s fantastic 🙂  Meanwhile, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

And to anyone else who has allegations against Father Chabot (or any other priest for that matter), always remind yourself that you have nothing to be ashamed of – you were a child, just a  child.  And remind yourself to put the shame where it belongs – right on the shoulders of your molester, and right on the shoulders of all those who may have covered up on his behalf.  Talk to your family.  Talk to trusted friends.  When you are ready, get rid of the shame which you have carried for so long.  Put it smack dab where it belongs.  You can do it.

Now back to Father Howard Chabot.

I am surprised to learn that Father Chabot worked as a probation officer full-time – after he was a priest.  I truly have never heard of a priest working as a probation officer.  That doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened elsewhere, but I’ve never heard of it and, to be quite frank, I find it bizarre. How did that ever come to be?  Was their a glut of priests in the Pembroke Diocese at the time?  is that it?

Also, while on that subject, does anyone know if Father Chabot was working as a probation officer around 1980?  The 1980 Ontario Catholic Directory gives his address as c/o St. John Chrysostom Roman Catholic Church in Arnprior, but it looks as though he was not there officially as an assistant.  Is that because he was living in the rectory, and perhaps helping out from time to time in the parish, but was actually working as probation officer?  And, if that’s the case, how did that ever come to be?

And, speaking of Father Howard Chabot and St. John Chrysostom in the 1980 directory,  Father Tardiff is listed as Pastor, and Father Dan Miller as assistant.

In the 2002 Canadian Catholic Church Directory Father Chabot is listed as Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church, Pembroke, Ontario.  Also at that address is, … Father Dan Miller.

I don’t by any stretch have all the directories so am unable to check every single one to see who was where when, but, it looks as though Fathers Chabot and Miller were at OLL together at least for one year (In the 2000 directory Father Miller ‘s address is listed a c/o the diocesan centre)

I realize fully that there are many priests who wind up serving in the same parish over a lifetime in the priesthood, but it is known that Fathers Miller and Chabot were good friends, and that Fathers Tardiff and Miller were frequent dinner guests at Father Chabot’s Westmeath home.  I also realize that Father Tardif may well have accompanied Father Miller out of a sense of duty to monitor him (after it was presumably revealed that Father Miller had molested ).  I don’t know how far that monitoring went, but do know that for ages wherever Father Miller was, there was Father Tardiff.  Monitoring or friendship?  Who knows?

It’s true, there are other clergy who were frequent dinner guests  at the Westmeath home of Father Chabot, however, Father Daniel Miller, as a convicted child molester, is of interest.

I see too that Father Howard Chabot was Chaplain to the Pembroke Police Service for nearly 20 years.  I think it was Father Michael Mullins who was Chaplain to the Ottawa Police Service and Father Kenneth Keeler Dale Crampton  who was Chaplain to the RCMP?  Do I have them right?  or, is it vice-versa?  No matter, those two clerical molesters served as Chaplain to the RCMP and Ottawa police.  I don’t for a moment believe that all chaplains to police are molesters – I am however concerned at the influence a Chaplain who happens to be a molester  could have on police officers and/or on any police investigations of clerical molesters.

Now, another question.  Does anyone know what studies Father Chabot undertook in New Mexico?  also in England.

According to the media he studied in Toronto, Montreal, New Mexico and England.  I know that he was in Toronto at St. Augustine’s Seminary for a spell.  And I know that he spent time at the Grand Seminary in Montreal.  I have no idea what he was studying in New Mexico.  Ditto England.  Can anyone help?

As an item of minor interest, it is known that Father Chabot was a great advocate of Leaves of Absence of three to four months.

And finally, I have been told Father is a gifted speaker, and that he was involved at some point in Marriage Preparation classes.

Please look through the information on the page and see if there is anything you can add to fill in the gaps.  In truth all of this information should be supplied by the diocese as part of a CV, but, that just generally does not happen in Canada.  Not yet.


Please also look through the information on the Father Thomas C. O’Flaherty page.  It’s now late and I want to call it a day so will not get into my questions and comments here, but do take time to read through.  There are many questions here.


If anyone was trying to reach me yesterday our phone line has gone kaput.  At one point in the day the phone rang once, and then there was nothing but buzzes and crackles on the line, and the window showing the phone “In Use” and “Charging.”  I finally contacted Ma Bell – someone will be out to fix things up between 8 am and noon.

Oh joy! 🙂

Enough for now,


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30 Responses to Of interest

  1. Bernie Buechman says:

    Father Howard L, Chabot,

    You have Got to be Kidding Me Right! So All I can Say Is I Sure As Hell Hope He Is Not Gulty.I was not a Catholic I became a Convert My Wife was Strong Catholic and Upbringing so I thought it Best I become Catholic It Just Made Things simpler as a Family Unit.When I Heard the news yesterday I Felt some what sickened disturbed and in a way I Felt Violated and Decieved.I am looking as we speak our marriage celebration dated dec-16-1983 when Father Chabot was Rev, at the church of the most holy name.I recall how I had to take courses for marriage and how I was to recieve my First Confession for my Sins.Now I am Looking at my self in the mirror and feeling Okay about myself,But What if Father Chabot is Proven Guily,What do I do with my Marriage License with a signature on it I feel is not worthy of the Ink it was written with.How will he see himself in that mirror who will listen to his confessions,And Yes it is Quite Possible Fathers Sins are much Greater Than Mine Shall Ever Be.This Is a Breach Of Trust,It is Like the Wolves Watching Over The Sheep Shame on Him Shame On Us ! Let Us Pray That Father is Not Gulty.

    Bernie Buechman

    • Tim says:

      Bernie, congratulations on being so forthright in your post !
      It is never easy to admit we have been wronged in any way.
      Yes, Fr. Chabot is the one presently charged, but, 4 successive Bishops in the Diocese of Pembroke have a lot to answer for before God. Their willing blind eyes, their deliberately closed ears, and their closed minds in these horrendous matters cry out for Justice.
      Just remember, our Faith is in God, not any one Priest or Bishop. Pray for help. God Bless !

  2. JG says:

    In your comments, above, I quote:…”I truly have never heard of a priest working as a probation officer. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened elsewhere, but I’ve never heard of it and, to be quite frank, I find it bizarre.”
    Another in your accused list, Albert Leblanc, while in Yarmouth, N.S., was also a probation officer in 1975…but also after he left the priesthood . I wonder how many others and is this just a coincidence or was the job possibly recognized as “fertile” for their “needs” , for “preying” on the vulnerable, with access to “all” their personal information…Makes you wonder!

    • Sylvia says:

      Yes JG – Albert Leblanc became a probation officer AFTER he left the priesthood.

      In Cornwall there were serious problems with some probation officers molesting clients, the majority of victims teenage boys. as you basically say, that these boys were vulnerable – sitting ducks for a perverted probation officer.

      There was some in depth testimony regarding probation officers at the Cornwall Public Inquiry – I recall testimony from someone who said that back in the late 60s ex seminarian and ex priests were seen as desirable hires to work as probation officers – they had the right education and training.

      BUT, for a priest to be a full-time probation officer? Perhaps there is an error in reporting on this? It makes no sense. Was there no need of priests in parishes int he Pembroke Diocese?

    • Sylvia says:

      FYI – o6 May 2004 redacted document shows settlements reached between Ontario Correctional Services and 13 “alleged” victims. Those who settled in this action were gagged by the Ministry. There were originally 19 – six went elsewhere to file their actions.
      And here is a blog I wrote 04 May 2006 regarding hiring of probation officers. According to he testimony of foirmer probation office Jim Bunton, a Daniel F. Coughlan, known as the “Father of Probation,” hired people with a ‘religious background.’ Between 1952 – when he became Director of Probation for the Province of Ontario – and 1970, Coughlan had personally hired 250 probation officers in Ontario.

      How this affected other provinces I have no idea, but – interesting, and in light of ex seminarian Ken Seguin’s employ as a probation officer, disturbing.

      If you’re interested in going deeper into this, here is an external link to Bunton’s testimony

  3. Sylvia says:

    I’ve made a correction. It was Father Dale Crampton, NOT Father Kenneth Keeler, who was a police Chaplain.

    Father Michael Mullins was Chaplain to the RCMP, and Father Dale Crampton was Chaplain to the Ottawas Police Service.

    You may recall that Father Mullins got off on the skateboarder charges and shortly thereafter, in 1991, was charged, convicted and sentenced to 8 years in Ireland. We have no idea where this convicted molester is now. Citing Mullin’s right to privacy the Ottawa archdiocese refused to disclose his whereabouts after his release from jail and return to Canada.

    And, you may recall that Father Crampton, who was convicted for sexually abusing seven altar boys in the late 80s, originally received a conditional sentence which, on appeal, was changed to 8 months imprisonment. Crampton jumped to his death from his balcony in October 2010. There were many many more than seven victims.

  4. Some Guy says:

    A lot of priests have “outside jobs”. Historically speaking, several priests have had such jobs as “scientists”, “doctors”, “lawyers”, and “professors”. So no, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a priest would work full time at another job. It wouldn’t take much research to find this out. I spent maybe three minutes or less on it.

    • Catholic lady says:

      It’s true that a lot of priests have outside jobs. Some priests that I’ve known were professors, teachers, councellors, a psychologist. Not unusual at all. I have to agree with Some Guy. Some things on this site are helpful and informational. Some is just hate literature.

      • PJ says:

        HATE literature?? Hey Catholic Lady, the only time the regulars here get testy with someone’s post is when they write stupid or hurtful comments….like yours. Yes freedom of speech is important however keep in mind your audience and the purpose of this site. To criticize victims for coming forward and accusing someone’s collar is hurtful. It’s no wonder we sometimes lash out at people like you and Some Guy…we do it for those who haven’t reached the stage of coming forward from the shadows of despair caused by a pervert collar. We won’t be put down or silenced by those who wish to discredit us or our allegations, or criticize Sylvia’s Site. You do have a choice Catholic Lady, to support us and our cause or just leave and go start your own website.

      • Jean-Louis says:

        Dear Catholic Lady,

        Why would a nice Catholic Lady like yourself even read (or comment) on a site like this if you believe “some things on this site – is just hate literature”?

        I like PJ’s advice – if you can’t stand the verbal “heat”, get out of Sylvia’s “kitchen” and go start your own website.

        I bet you won’t even reply to this message.


      • Sylvia says:

        Would you please give links to what you refer to as “hate literature” Catholic lady?

    • Sylvia says:

      I said that I have never before heard of a priest working full time as a probation officer. That’s new to me. Totally new.

  5. Some Guy says:

    I can’t figure out how to post a comment on another entry (are comments locked?), so I’ll say it here; I guess “innocent until proven guilty” is too old fashioned. All of the language here being used is saying he’s guilty, but a judge nor the police has said anything of the sort. An accusation happened, charges were pressed. But no one has yet to be found guilty. And here people are, on this site, trying to do the work that the police are doing – and already passing judgement on the guy.

    If he’s guilty, have a field day. If he’s innocent, you destroyed an innocent man’s life on a glorified witch-hunt. One of these days someone is going to get falsely accused, and I’d love it if sites like this get charged with slander and libel.

    Wait for the verdict, then post. Let the legal system take it’s course.

    • Jean-Louis says:

      Hey, “Some Guy”,

      You’re quite extreme in your comments here… for instance: “All of the language here being used is saying he’s guilty” – and the best one – equating Sylvia’s site to the persecution of all Germans because of the Holocaust?

      You’re advising victims of sexual molestation to keep quiet until a guilty verdict has been found, or else risk being charged (revictimized) with slander or libel? (by the way, slander only applies to the “spoken” word, so posters here would, in any event, be subjected to libel IF the statements were false).

      Charges have already been laid and made public. Potential victims may still be out there and afraid to come forward. Believers are in shock over the accusations because they have been “systematically” fooled for decades by molester-priests in positions of power, and their “supervisors.

      Because this site exists, victims may no longer feel isolated and ashamed; our collective and supportive voices may bring other victims to report past crimes so that current abusers are charged and convicted.

      And “libel” only sticks if the statements are proven to be false…

      Get off your high horse and show some compassion for the little children of years ago.


    • Sylvia says:

      No comment thread has been locked by me “Some Guy.” If you let me know where you were trying to post I can see if something is amiss.

      We all know, as do you, that police found sufficient evidence to press charges. The outcome of those charges is as yet unknown. I can assure you however that if I had a next door neighbour who was charged I would keep my grandchildren away from his premises and company. That would be exercising prudence. It’s also plain common sense. I would be thankful that the charges were made public. I can assure you too that, in light of such charges, if I ever had occasion in the past to question my neighbour’s interactions with children or the behaviour of nay child who had been in his company I would be revisiting those memories and if need be asking a few questions and/or contacting police.

      As far as Father Chabot is concerned, we’ll watch the legal system take its course. As I try to do for all such cases in Canada, I’ll follow it. I’ll keep tabs on upcoming court dates to ensure that those who want to do so can attend to find out first-hand what the allegations are all about.

      I would hope that IF Father Chabot is guilty he will enter a plea to that effect in the not too distant future. Sadly, that’s usually not the way these things work. Those who do enter a guilty plea almost invariably do so at the 11th hour – just before or at the start of trial, and that only many many months after the charges are laid. I always however hang onto the hope that things will change and that those who are charged and are in fact guilty will readily admit their guilt, and in so doing spare their unfortunate victims the ongoing agony of being called and viewed as a liar

      “Innocent until proven guilty” means innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The police laid charges did they not? We are not entitled to convict, but we are entitled to have thoughts and opinions. And we are entitled to trust that the police did their job and had good reason to lay charges.

      I will post as the case unfolds Some Guy. I will pray that anyone with allegations against Father Chabot will find the strength and courage to contact police. I will pray that truth and justice prevail. I will pray that if he is guilty Father Chabot will enter a guilty plea.

      I will pray for you and for all us who are collateral damage in this terrible sex abuse crisis in the Church. It’s not easy for any of us.

      • B says:

        I believe Some Guy is referring to the Father Chabot page, which doesn’t have a space in which to put comments on the bottom any longer.

        • Sylvia says:

          Thanks B. I just fixed it.

          Sometimes a page closes off like that itself. Computer gremlins I guess? Anyway, it is fixed, and people can post comments there again.

          Please everyone, when you find a page like that let me know which page it is. I can’t tell it has happened – I need people to let me know.

  6. Some Guy says:

    Guilt by association. Your next site should be about Germans, a few of them killed some Jews back in the day.

    • Tim says:

      Some guy, or some Priest, who do you speak on behalf of? Are you one who has been falsely accused? Has your name come up on this site?
      In the language of the internet, you are most likely a Troll, spinning the abuse reality, and trying to turn it into abuse of Priests. Get off it!

      • Jean-Louis says:

        Yes, Tim… I think you nailed the “Troll” on the head! The “guy” is so defensive, has no sense of logic, and probably gets his jollies from any rebuttal we offer.

        Whatever he is, he’s no victim…

    • PJ says:

      Some Guy: I’ve read some really stupid comments before, but you’ve hit a new low with this one. Go “troll” somewhere else!

  7. B says:

    The majority of the information Sylvia provides here is in the form of newspaper articles, etc, which are generated by reporters who follow what is going on in the legal system. In other words, it is factual, NOT witch-hunting after random victims.

    It is probable that at some point a priest who appears here in the “accused” column will be found not guilty–at that point, at least enough information would be available here, in one place, for people to be able to inform themselves about the case. It is always better to have all the facts laid out for people to read, than to hide and twist the truth–as so many diocese have done–until people are turning away from the church because they feel they have been lied to and duped, and that too many children have been exposed to repeat-offending pedophile priests.

  8. 1yellowknife says:

    Hello “Some Guy”:

    You may be new to this site. If you keep reading, you may see the following patterns emerge. a) You will see reports of cleric abuse trials which are unknown to the majority of Canadians – these are often from isolated sites such as Northern Canada. For example, I am grateful to Sylvia for gathering the information available on the Grollier Hall Residential School and other trials in Arctic Canada and bringing it to the attention of others via this site; b) You will see the defenders of the priests who have been charged/tried/sentenced/cleared. This is good; it promotes dialogue and reflects the same diversity in dialogue we would have in a real life community; c) You will see disclosures (which are treated with the respect they deserve and always encouraged to disclose to the authorities, if feasible); d) You will see victims and their families connect and support each other; e) You will see lives of the victims of cleric sexual abuse honoured — often by their children. This alone is a valued gift of healing provided by this site. And there is more, but this captures some of it.

    “Some Guy”, I read this site every few days to track the cases I was involved in or which are coming up. The information is credible, respectful and easily accessible. Of course I am now gaining an understanding of other pedopriest issues. For example, the case of the “skateboarder victim” (see above – Father Mullins) haunts me and I have added the “skateboarder victim” in my daily prayers. I encourage you to read and re-read it. But most often, I am ALSO encouraged by the bravery of victims; the generosity of contributors and the powerful coordinating and information gathering role and spiritually-grounded encouragement provided by this site’s host, Sylvia. She is a hero in our time.

    “Some Guy”, please give my feedback to you some thought and prayer before you respond. Wishing you well.

  9. Bluejay says:

    This “guy” has been here before… This is a recycled subjet!!! Under a new name!!! A priest ….an upset supporter! Don’t give him too much attention!!!

  10. tanya says:

    Howard Chabot’s employment as a probation officer is not too much of a surprise to me. All too often clergy will seek out positions that enhance their opportunities to be closer to victims, vulnerable people and needy people. Many clergy seem to possess a remarkable antennae with regard to seeking out such fragile humans- abusive clerics will abuse, at various levels, for all forms of gratification; it is often expressed in a fundamental need to wield power in a horrifically abusive manner. This imbalanced power relationship with the victim does not necessarily have to be seuxal.

    I draw the readers attention to the following link;


    The Rt. Rev. Laurence Soper a Benedictine monk and Abbot emeritus of Ealing Abbey, London, worked for many years in the capacity as a chaplain at Feltham Young Offenders Institution. Soper when interviewed by the London Metropoltan Police regarding accusations of sexual abuse at this institution had been bailed to reappear for further questioning. Rather than return to England (Soper had at that time been based in Rome) he fled and is now the subject of an international arrest warrant.

    (Ealing Abbey is another story- many monks and lay staff working at its school have been investigated, prosecuted and imprisoned in recent years.)

    Soper like Chabot and others use their “priesthood” as a weapon. fundamentally it is about manipulating advantage and seeking to express power in all its humilation of the victim -nothing will stop them in this objective. Remember the victims are nothing more than objects.

    I wonder to what degree Chabot was enabled by clergy authorities . Soper could never have fled and could never have succeeded in pursuing his perversions for so long without a compliant and enabling religious community and archdiocese.

    • Tim says:

      Tanya, here is another excellent story, which sums up the whole scene!

      Power Over Children Fraught with Risk, by Steve Nelson -Valley News.

      I am sorry I do not know how to forward this so you can just click on it.

    • Sylvia says:

      First tanya, a reminder that Father Chabot has been charged. He has not been convicted. At this time we know absolutely nothing of the nature of the allegations or charges and probably will not know anything until the there is either a preliminary hearing or trial, and that will probably not happen for about two years down stream.

      As for Soper being a chaplain, it is not at all unusual for a priest to serve as a chaplain, either full- or part-time. It is highly unusual for a priest to serve as a probation officer, either full or part-time.

  11. tanya says:

    Thank you for your replies, Sylvia and Tim.

    I agree with you Sylvia and retract any statement that would infer guilt on the part of Howard Chabot prior to any legal outcomes.

    In relation to Soper; My point being that he may have engineered his appointment to this chaplaincy position-which is in all likelihood a salaried post which would make him in effect a government employee.

  12. tanya says:

    Howard Chabot, that advocate of 3/4 month “leaves of absence” is stated as being “educated” in New Mexico and England. I wonder if the term ‘education” is a euphemism to misdirect the curious.

    Servants of the Paraclete comes to mind…perhaps it is my cynicism coming to the fore once again….

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