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We’re heading off to visit our daughter and her family in the States this morning – long two-day-drive down, but we enjoy driving so looking forward to the run. And, unlike this past Christmas, this time we won’t be driving into the snow storm of the century 🙂

My updates on the site will be minimal for that spell.  I will moderate the site, and I will post what news I can, but no guarantees I will be able to find the time.  I would ask that you all please post links to articles of interest to keep us all current 🙂

I am leaving with several loose ends left to be tied  which I had hoped to have taken care of before departure, but, it just hasn’t turned out that way – the best laid plans….    I will get back at it all after my return.  Perhaps in truth my ‘vacation’ is timely?  We shall see.  Time to think a few things through and hope that those who had once agreed to talk to me will still do so.

One little piece of information which I found out that I can and will pass on:  Father Peter O’Hanley (Diocese of Saint John, NB) has NOT been laicized (defrocked).  Father O’Hanley is still a priest.  He probably can not say Mass or hear confessions, but – he’s still a convicted molester, and he’s still a priest.  Why?


Father John Sullivan had a court date on 18 June.  I will certainly find out his next court date when I get back from the States.

Enough for now,


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