Circling the wagons?

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I have posted one article, – a very significant article at that:

27 June 2013:  Vatican Rentboy and Satanism Claims Revealed by Paedophile Priest 

Please keep an eye on news on this over the next few days and post links to relevant articles.  I`ve done a little checking trying to confirm the essence of the story – it seems to be fact.  On the one hand, it`s extremely disturbing, but, on the other, if indeed it is true then it is good it has finally been brought to light.  If indeed it is true then I am sure there are a few people who are busily circling the wagons to try to keep the lid on tight.  I pray that all those who can shed light on this mess will find the courage and grace required to speak without fear.


A long drive today.  We launches at 5 am and pulled in to Ottawa, Illinois at 8 pm.  I lost count of the number of storms we encountered en route.  One clanger after the other,  Fortunately we were always on the fringe, but it was dicey on the roads at times.  You know what it`s like when the heavens open and the rain comes down so fast and furious you can`t see the front of the car, and you don`t dare try to pull off the road because you can`t see where the other traffic and they can`t see you?  That`s what it was like.  Really nasty.  But, we made it.

A shorter run tomorrow – about 400 miles left on the run.  The weather is supposed to be good so should be no problem reaching our destination by supper 🙂

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to Circling the wagons?

  1. Lina says:

    There will be an investigation and rightly so.

    The Roman Catholic Church obviously needs a major housecleaning for the longest time about all those crimes and cover-ups. Many folks believe Pope Francis I is the man who will do it.

    Pope Francis has his hands full nevertheless, he still needs to do something concrete about all these crimes because for instance Europe and America will continue not to support the Catholic Church has they did in the past. I should say the Catholic Church will have a difficult time to minister and bring people into the Catholic fold. If Pope Francis does use similar tactics as the former Pontiffs then it will be a tragedy for all the church.

    Europe and America are thinking people. They do NOT follow blindly the Catholic Church has they did in the past. They are not fearful to ask questions and want to see the Catholic Church take responsibility for those worldwide crimes against the innocents.

    A priest may say to me…’You can’t talk to me like that.’ Yes I can, I say to him.

    Even though I respect the collar you wear you still need to earn that respect and right now you do not have it from me. You do not say and do stuff that is not becoming of a Catholic priest. This also goes for other people who are part of the Catholic clergy.

    Third world countries and other poverty stricken countries need hope to just survive daily in numerous cases. The Catholic Church gives these followers this much needed hope to live. It’s natural for these people to want to continue to support the Catholic Church.

    I believe the clergy abuse crisis in those areas have not come to light yet because of the stronghold of the Catholic Church have there.

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