Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day!  To all you men who are blessed with children, Happy Father’s Day.


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  1. JG says:

    As a teenager the thought of becoming a Father, of bringing someone else in this world to suffer as I had or to see all the ugliness it represented, was so unthinkable. Rough, lonely childhood you could say! I understood that “feeling”, gradually, after I understood what happened to my own Father, Elie Theriault, at the age of 16 and how that affected “my” entire life…
    There was however someone with other plans…who, for whatever reason, found someone or something to Love in this depressive, often “out of place” actor…
    This very “patient Love” my wife of 40 years managed to salvage from despair has produced beautiful grown up children, grandchild…
    They have called this morning to express their Love and I sent all mine. My family has made me see Paradise on this earth, they have made me see why Love can conquer all obstacles …
    I never leave my wife or children without making sure they get a hug and know I Love them. They don’t belong to me…they made me, they are part of me.

    Father’s day for me is just the best day in the year to be thankful for my wife and children and for the Love they understood before I did.

    To all the other Fathers out there, I hope you take a moment to appreciate what you have and to always be there for your family.
    Nothing else really matters.
    So I dedicate this day to the Love of my wife and children.
    Be HapppppY!

    “All my life’s a circle, sunrise and sundown…”(Harry Chapin)

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