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The big gremlin has been taken care of 🙂  I can login again!


There was a pre-trial motion for Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre in the Sudbury, Ontario courthouse this past Tuesday (21 May 2013).  Has anyone heard anything at all about this?  Was ther any media coverage?  I just checked the Sudbury Star and was unable to find anything, but, I may have missed it.

As soon as I have opportunity to do so I will check to get Father Lefebvre’s next court date.  If anyone can update before then please post a comment or send me an email.


For those who may have missed my note previously posted as a comment, here is the info regarding upcoming court dates for Father Daniel Miller:

(1)  03 June 2013

3 pm. Pembroke, Ontario courthouse (297 Pembroke Street East), for guilty pleas and “facts.”

I believe  “facts” will be a statement of facts or something akin to that which will be presented in court.  This is usually a factual overview of the crimes to which he is pleading guilty.

Please be sure to note and pass the word that the start time is 3 pm –  NOT 10 am as I had previously posted. . That’s what I was anxious to get clarified. It is 3 pm.

(2)  17 September 2013.

10 am.  Pembroke Ontario courthouse (297 Pembroke Street East), for sentencing.

If you plan to attend either or both days, mark your calendar now.  And, with 03 June and the guilty pleas approaching, please keep the victims in your prayers.  Yes, there is a guilty plea in the offing, but the victims do need your prayers as much as ever.   And, in your prayers remember too all those naive and trusting Catholics who were convinced that the allegations against Father Miller were false.



I was out all day yesterday, and again this morning – just home now and will be on my way again in a few hours –  doing this quick blog for now.

I did post a video last evening- news from the police-related inquiry  in Australia:

23 May 2013: Catholic church interfered in investigation – VIDEO

Enough for now,



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