Long weekend

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It`s a holiday weekend here in Canada.  Happy Victoria Day everyone!  A lovely day in the Ottawa area yesterday – overcast, cooler and a bit of rain today.


A reminder that Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre has a court date in Sudbury, Ontario at 10 am on Tuesday (21 May 2013) – Sudbury courthouse 155 Elm Street.  This is for a pre-trial motion.  I hope some of you can attend to find out what this motion is all about.  Mark your calendar.  If you`re free and within driving distance please do try to attend.


For all of those who have been asking, I have not as yet been able to confirm with certainty that the Father Dan Miller courtdate of 03 June starts at 10 am.  I will call the courthouse again  on Tuesday.  It`s all a bit strange.  I did leave a message on the Crown`s ans. machine. (The last time I did that I received a call back from the office of the Ontario Attorney General!!!).  Anyway, one way or the other I will find out when exactly this is scheduled to begin on 03 June.


Work continues on getting technical hiccups squared away on Sylvia`s Site.  My webhost has done a lot of fixing and tweaking over the weekend.  I have been fiddling around doing what I can on my end.

The drop-down menu has now been removed from the Accused page.  I`m sorry I`ve had to take the step – it was so much simpler to access a name with the drop-down, but it was just too taxing on the site to leave it – and of course and unfortunately,  the list continues to grow.  Now that the drop-down menu has been removed you and I will have to click on the Accusedlink on the menu, and either scroll down to find the name, or use the “Find” feature on the browser.  I dont know about you, but I loved that drop-down menu – it saved me a lot of time.

I have another major problem, this regarding the old website, theinquiry.ca.  I haven`t been able to access the website for literally months and months – more like two years actually.  There have been  problems with the people who own the software.  I have now learned that those who own the software have officially announced that they no longer offer any support at all for the software.

This is a major problem for me.  There are things which need fixing on the site, and things which need to be added.   I just have not been able to access it to fix it.

To make this sad long story short, I will now have to find a way to transfer everything on the website onto a new website.  It`s just a  massive job, but now I know for certain that it will have to be done.   I will have to start checking out webdesign software and find something which will do the trick and is user-friendly enough for me to learn quickly.

Say a wee prayer for me please as I try to figure this out.  If anyone has any suggestions re software please do let me know.  Whatever I eventually use will have to be capable of handling a large site – many are unable to do so.


We had an earthquake last week!  A real honest-to-goodness 5.2 earthquake.

What an experience!  I was working in my office – heard what sounded like a massive crash – then sounded like a giant freight train was bearing down on our house – then sounded like a train or a monster truck was crashing smack dab into the side of the house – …..and then the house began to dance!  Once I saw the walls shake I realized it was an earthquake.

I can not believe the racquet it made, both outside and in.  So much noise!  The roaring outside, and everything in the house was just a-bouncing and a-clanging and a-banging.  And, yes, as crazy as it sounds, I could actually see the walls shake.

Thankfully no serious damage anywhere in the region.

On that note will sign off

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend…

Enough for now,


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