Hate this…

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It’s hi tech time again for me.  My how I hate this 🙁

Most of my day was spent trying to fix up this, that and the other thing on Sylvia’s Site.  My web host in Europe is working on several issues and I am working on others.  It’s time consuming and just not up my alley at all, but, it goes with the turf of running the site, so every time I find myself here I try my best to grit my teeth and get through in one piece.

I unfortunately will have to remove the drop-down menu for the Accused page.  It’s just gobbling up far too much energy.   It had reached the point that I was unable to add another name with major problems.  Now, of necessity, I am getting set to remove the drop-down component, but it’s so over-loaded I can’t even do that!  So, another SOS to my webhost in Switzerland.  He’s already sorting other issues out for me.

I will probably be busy with this tomorrow, but I will make a point of getting media from today and tomorrow posted.


I have been told that Father Dan Miller’s 03 June 2013 court date starts at 3 pm, not 10 am. I will check tomorrow to be sure.  For those planning to attend, check tomorrow evening.

Enough for now,


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