Eerily familiar

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There was a pre-trial conference for Father Rheal LeBlanc on Thursday morning (09 May 2013).  This was not open to the public.

Father Rheal LeBlanc’s next courtdate is:  02 July 2013: 10 am, “to speak to,” Welland, Ontario courthouse (102 East Main Street).

A reminder here that it was reported  last November the first dates available for 10-day-trial were 04 November 2013 to 03 December 2013.  The case was to be reviewed and if possible the number of days required would be trimmed.

There seems to be no indication as yet that the trial date has been either advanced or set for those end year dates.  I will check next week to see if the November/December dates are on the roster.


There are a number of new articles posted.  Check NEW to the site

I haven’t made comment – was just keen to get the articles posted and meanwhile trying to keep abreast of what is happening at the Special Commission of Inquiry into matters relating to the Police investigation of certain child sexual abuse allegations in the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

Transcripts are available online   – an interesting read for those who followed the Cornwall Public Inquiry and the persecution and vilification of Perry Dunlop by some of  his former colleagues with the Cornwall Police Service .   There are major differences, and certainly Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox has not suffered the same fate as Perry, but much of it is eerily familiar.


Everyone is very quiet.  It must be a combination of the nice weather and time for gardening?

A reminder that when you get a moment please do dig out your pictures, scan and send so that they can be posted on the Children‘s page.  I haven’t wanted to ask those I know individually lest you think I am pressuring you, but, perhaps that’s what I should do?  Thoughts?

Enough for now,


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