The Children

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You will notice that a new item, “The Children,”  has been added to the horizontal menu above (under the picture).  This came about following an exchange with JG and PJ.

The impact of the page is reliant on the participation and input from all of you who were sexually abused by a Canadian Roman Catholic priest or Brother, or in Canada by a priest or brother.  I urge you to find and scan a picture of yourself which was taken around the time that you were sexually abused.  If you can’t scan it yourself ask someone to do it for you and save it onto disk, or email it to you.  Then send me an email with the picture attached.  CLICK HERE to send an email.  (If you scroll down you will see the heading “Attachments.”  Browse your computer for the file, click on it, and it will be attached to the email.)

As I say on the page, when you send the picture please tell me (1)  your age in the picture; (2)  if  you would like your name (first name only, or first name and surname, or initials only) under the picture; (3)  the name of your molester and if you would like it added under the picture.   You can remain anonymous by all means, but I do ask that you give your approximate age in photo.   The page will also include pictures of those who were seduced and molested in their late teens.

I believe this page can impart a powerful message to all of those who may have lost sight of the fact that you were just a child when you were molested.  Clergy, bishops, judges, Crowns attorney, defence lawyers, police officers, the laity, politicians and the general public need to be reminded that, no matter the age you found the courage to speak up, you were all children when you were so cruelly violated and ruthlessly betrayed by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I am counting on you to contribute your pictures.  If there were some way I could do it for you I would, but, as you know, I can not.  Please encourage each other to participate.

As soon as it sounded like The Children’s page might become a reality, Leona had a picture off to me.  That allowed me to get started.  I will have to see how the program I picked works once there are a number of pictures, but, one way or the other I will make it work.   I’m hoping it won’t be long before I am wondering how to make things work with 50 or more of those beautiful pictures :).

A reminder that you can send a picture and have it posted without your name.  I will mark those as “Name withheld.”  Please do, however, give me an approximate age.  If you prefer not to identify your abuser that is alright too.  Perhaps you could just say “Abused by a priest”?

I have also added Leona’s picture to the Father Jack MacCann page.  I’m not sure about the placement on the page – am open to suggestion.  I do however like the idea of being able look at the predator, in this instance McCann, and at the same time see that picture of a beautiful little 14-year-old girl, a child whom he used and abused to satiate his own perverted lust.  Thoughts?

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