If all is well

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Thank you all for your well-wishes and/or prayers for my husband.  All are much appreciated 🙂

I find myself in such a strange situation here.  Usually when there is sickness in the family, or some sort of minor catastrophe in the house, I would keep it to myself.  There are so many moments in life which are passing and there really is no need to moan and groan about them.  I find, however, that with the blog I feel a need to explain my absence.  I don’t want people to feel that I have abandoned either them or Sylvia’s Site. So, when things slide because something has gone amiss with either health or home, I reluctantly feel a need to offer an explanation 🙁  As I say, it is a strange feeling.  I tell you people things which happen in my life which I never tell my children!  Really and truly!  There are just things which I think there is no need for my children to know because they are just annoyances which are often over and done with in a few days and there’s no need for anyone to know.  But, somehow that’s all different when it comes to Sylvia’s Site – when things are amiss I don’t get anything done on the site, and I know the site is lifeline for so many.  I just don’t want anyone to ever think I have forgotten  you.  Never.  So, I often – not always – tell you about the little ups and downs in my life so you can understand why things are quiet on my end at any given moment in time.  Such is the case right now.

Sometimes of course it seems it never rains but it pours.  And last weekend on top of medical issues the hot water tank sprung a leak!  I didn’t call anyone immediately because the timing was just all wrong – so I just heaped the towels on the floor and mopped away 🙂

Well – on Tuesday there was no choice, -the heater issue had to be addressed.  Over came the landlord and the process of emptying out the tank began – the hope was it would drain out through a garden hose.  No such luck.  Yesterday the process continued  – bucket after bucket after bucket, …by hand.

But, by day’s end, we had a new water heater up and running.

My husband is still home sick.  He still has a headache, but the severity has diminished dramatically.  And there is still some stiffness of the neck, but that too is improving. So, on the medical front things are improving – not as quickly as we would like, but thankfully he is much much better than he was on at the beginning of the week. Keep him in your prayers.

Perhaps tomorrow, if all is well,  I can get a few overdue phone calls made, respond to a few comments, and post a few articles.  We shall see….

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to If all is well

  1. Brunelle Brenda says:

    Sylvia, I am so sorry that I can’t offer hands-on support to you in person. I hope that your husband is doing better and beginning to feel stronger each day. I also hope that you are managing to get some self-time in to keep yourself strong and healthy too.

    Your bloggers love you very much, and we do care very much about you, as you do about us. I am picturing you throwing towels down and mopping around the hotwater tank, as that happened to me not that long ago…. I remember I didin’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry – but omg what a mess and what a JOB.

    Thanks for sharing with your virtual family. We truly do care a lot about you.

  2. bob says:

    Sylvia i would like to say thank you for sharing your few problems with us readers. It is a great way to help relieve stress. There are a lot of us on this site who love you for the great work you have done & still are doing. Please don,t abandon us as it seems a lot of us , the ones who have been abused, & the ones like me who just use the site for support have come to to realize that all is not gone but there is life ahead with contact with the “FAMILY ” that this site has produced. God Bless .

  3. Leona says:

    Sylvia, your dedication to your blog and supporting survivors is incredible. Thank you so much for all that you do. You have created this comforting virtual refuge for all of us harmed by the church’s actions or inactions.
    Remember the first rule in an emergency is to ensure your personal safety first. Put on your breathing mask, life vest etc to protect yourself before reaching out your hand to assist others. There is no shame in that at all, and certainly when you share your challenges it helps us recognize our humanness.
    Thanks again.
    Hoping for a speeding recovery for your husband.

  4. PJ says:

    Ditto from me…take care of yourselves first, then worry about the website. Your “virtual family” would love to help in any way. We love you!

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