Talk about rationalizing

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I spent the day at the hospital with my husband today – just home now.  He had a wicked headache and stiff neck.  The headache started yesterday afternoon and got progressively worse through the night.  By this morning he couldn’t move his head.

So, a CT scan done.  Nothing.  A spinal tap done.  No signs of problem.  IV painkillers – eventually dulled but did not eliminate the pain.

And home.  🙂  With prescription for pain killers.

We have no idea what caused the pain.  If problem persists report back on Wednesday 🙂

So, I will keep a close eye and hope a good night’s sleep will bring relief and absence of the dread headache!


I have posted the article  Mike Mc reference in his post.  Here it is:

18 March 2013: Cardinal Says Pedophilia Not A Crime: Durban Archbishop Archbishop Wilfrid Fox Napier Apologizes For Saying Pedophiles Should Not Be Punished For ‘Disorder’

And this man is a Cardinal?  Has he ever, I wonder, heard of free will? Or, is he so overwhelmed with sympathy for the predators that he is convinced that somehow these adult men who happen to be both priest and predator  have lost their free will?  Talk about rationalizing and excusing to the Nth degree.

This is so sick!

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to Talk about rationalizing

  1. PJ says:


    I hope your husband will be ok. Scary though. Sounded like Meningitis the way you described it…the tests seem to indicate not.

  2. Marianne says:

    Hello Sylvia:
    Everything will be fine soon! A person with a good heart will always be blessed.
    Our English teacher recommended your website to us today, and I was so amazed to see all the efforts you have made to let us know all these news.

    The best.

  3. TH says:

    Did they do a sedimentation rate ( a very simple test)on his blood? Hope he’s Ok and that they get to the bottom of it.

    • Jean-Louis says:

      Hi TH,

      I’m not sure what your medical background is… however, I would refrain from suggesting lab tests here (or anywhere else) – even physicians wouldn’t be doing that without a history and physical in front of them, to determine a working diagnosis (and differentials)…

      FYI a “sedimentation rate” test (ESR – erythroyte sedimentation rate) is not particularly useful in diagnosing specific disease processes, only used with other diagnostic tests, and then determines the presence of inflammation. I’m not sure what benefit an ESR would do ABOVE what the MD did as per Sylvia.

      Sylvia, I hope your husband is doing better… my recommendation is that you continue to consult with your MD on all these issues, and please don’t take any advice from anyone else online…

      JL (an RN with a quarter-century of experience!)

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