Let justice be done

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Father George Smith will be sentenced tomorrow morning (14 March 2013) at the Corner Brook, Newfoundland courthouse (82 Mt. Bernard Ave.)

Thursday, 14 March 2013:  9 am, courtroom #1, Corner Brook courthouse

You will without doubt recall that Smith’s defence lawyer, Tom Williams, has asked for a sentence of seven to nine years, and the Crown, Trina Simms, has asked for a sentence of nine to 13 years. I say without doubt because it truly is remarkable that in Canada both a defence lawyer and a Crown are asking for something significantly beyond the traditional paltry two years, or house arrest.

Let’s pray that justice is done and that a precedent is set.  Let’s prays that the days of the “Tut, Tut. Bad boy’ are slowly drawing to a close.

Keep the victims in your prayers tomorrow.  If you are within driving distance and can be there to support them by you presence please try to do so.  It means a lot.  It truly does.

As always, please pass on the news when you can, be it by posting a comment, or sending a link to media coverage.

(I have heard that Tom Williams is a brother to former Premier Danny Williams.  Is that fact?  Not that it makes any difference one way or the other, but, I am curious.)

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