The Accused list grows

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And the Accused list grows….

I have added the name of Father Daniel Moreau to the Accused list.  There are several articles on the page, and I still must fill in the years as best I can, but, for now, there it is.  A priest from the Diocese of Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec arrested on suspicion of possession of child pornography.  And he busy with youth groups and scouts.  My hair stands on end just thinking about it.

I would appreciate any facts you bilingual readers can offer 🙂


And this:

08 March 2013:  Message to St Thomas High School alumni re Father Jack Hanna csb

I said my piece in a comment at the bottom of the email.  Today I hope to get together a page for this Basilian priest, Father Jack “Happy Hands” Hanna


For those who may have missed it, this strange news:

December 2012: Ottawa priest secures position with Ontario Civilian Police Commission


Finally, word that Father Philip Jacobs sentencing will not transpire until at least June:

07 March 2013: Priest to be sentenced in early June 

Enough for now,




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  1. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Sylvia, just to add to the above, it is seven (7) counts of possesion of child pornography, not just one.
    I know he is innocent until proven guilty in court, but why is he being held without bail? It appears that he may be either a flight risk (not unseen), or a danger to the public, or the diocese can’t come up with the money to bail him out.
    Either way, he has been charged with seven (count it, 7) counts of criminal possesion of child pornography! I don’t believe the police would do this unless there is an overwhelming bucket-load of evidence.
    What does a priest do in his spare time, with this Oscar-winning collection? Mike.

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