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I was home late – a bad weather system made for a difficult drive in the country 🙁  But, home safe and sound at 7 pm.  I have posted two articles re Father George Smith‘s day in court today:

27 February 2013:  George Ansel Smith’s victims relay impact of sexual assaults 

27 February 2013: Victim forgives disgraced priest for abuse

There will be more later.


And, a few dates on the Father Joe LeClair charges.  Look at this:

30 August 2013:  continuation of the judicial pre-trial hearing (that will NOT be open to the public)

20-31 January 2014:  Preliminary hearing, Ottawa courthouse

24-28 February 2014:  Preliminary hearing, Ottawa courthouse

Yes, that’s right: 2014.  And that’s not trial!

Also, he has elected to got for trial by judge and jury in the Ontario Superior Court.  That means that if a judge determines from the preliminary hearing that there is sufficient evidence to go to trial on any or all charges it will be trial by judge and jury in the Ontario Superior Court.

Now, time to grab a bite to eat 🙂

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3 Responses to More later

  1. JG says:

    Well! …2014! Talk about delaying a case! Either he had some money stashed away, some wealthy parishioner is footing the bill or his “brothers” are making discreet collections… 2014! For the preliminary hearing! Then Jury selection….draaaaagggggg ooonnnnnn for ever until everyone has lost interest and everyone will wish it to go away. Except the smiling lawyers on their way to the bank!
    Anyone willing to bet on this?…”Father” Joe??????…..
    He should have stuck to Bingo!

  2. Bob says:

    Isn’t that surprising. If you have followed the SCO versus IBM litigation, you know that any trial where discovery is important seems to take a really long time to happen. There can be tens of thousands of documents to read and understand, and in some case hundreds of potential witnesses to interview.

    I feel most sorry for those of us in the parish. This is like a sword over our heads for yet another indefinite period of time. Not that I want to short-circuit father Joe’s defense or anything, it just would be nice to really put this episode into our past one way or the other.

  3. JG says:

    I am not sure if your post was a follow-up to mine but I will simply point out as one who has also spent over 10 years investigating and prosecuting fraud cases that you are right to say it takes time, that it is tedious!…That would be true even without the unwanted(sometimes planned!) delays because of sickness, change of lawyers, new evidence, vacation time, summer time, Christmas break, sick mother, dying father,….you get the picture!?
    From the “inside” you keep smiling and very polite…you put your files back in the cabinet and wait until the next appearance. Sometimes you know the delays are just another ploy…and nothing you can do.
    Sometimes lawyers know they have no case and will seek adjournments only to get their client to plead guilty at the last minute. You make more money appearing in Court 5-6 times than you do if you plead guilty on your first appearance…
    In a case like this the witnesses have been interviewed already, have given their statements…If “Joe” was charged, the evidence is already clear enough(?).(This is why I don’t get calls for Jury duty!)…
    Court delays are Court delays! …and not always justified.
    Everyone plays the “game”… and in this case “Joe” has already agreed with the “plan”!

    PS: You”re bringing back unpleasant memories. Flashbacks and nightmares on the way!! …buried in red tape!…Headache!

    Go back to church and secure the vault! …
    Sincerely, good luck to you and others in the parish who have been hurt by this.
    Focus on doing Good: that includes keeping the “temptation” at arm’s length from the “one” person who could never do this to all of you…
    You can trust but you should not be blind!


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