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A court date for Father Eric Dejaeger omi in Edmonton, Alberta tomorrow morning on his Edmonton Alberta charges:

Thursday 21 February 2013:   09:00 am, courtroom # 356, “to speak to,” Edmonton Alberta courthouse

Will Father Dejaeger be shipped from Iqaluit to Edmonton for this?  I rather doubt it.  I think we need get word of  a rescheduled date for the Preliminary hearing.  Once there is news of that then we can expect that he will be flown into Edmonton.

If anyone is free to pop into the courthouse tomorrow morning to find out what is going on please do so.

As always, keep the complainants in your prayers, both those in Edmonton and those in Nunavut.


Well done Mike Fitzgerald:

19 February 2013: Michael Fitzgerald letter to Prime Minister Harper 

Mike Fitzgerald letter to the Hon. John Geretsen added to Letters to the Ontario Attorney General re the Father Jose Silva “sweet deal”

I will take this opportunity to  encourage people to follow suit and get letters in the mail, or off via email.  Get things off your chest, put ‘their’ feet to the fire,  make your voices heard, demand better and look for answers.  Write to the Bishops.  Write to Premiers, the Prime Minister, and Provincial and Federal Attorneys General.  There is so much which must be done in this country to ensure that children are protected, victims have at least as many rights as predators, and sentencing truly starts to reflect in some small way the disdain which the judiciary claims to hold for the horror or child sexual abuse.  In the Church, priests who are molesters must be defrocked, and bishops must start identifying all clergy past and present who were or are known to be predators.

I just checked over the Contact info on the Bishops.  I think it is  up-to-date but I will go through it tomorrow to catch any new appointments and/or deaths.  If anyone needs an address for a bishop which is not on the list please contact me and I will both send it to you and add it to the list.

If you do send off an email or letter and are willing to share, please send me a copy and I will post it.  If people actually start writing letters to bishops I will gladly open a page dedicated to your letters and the responses received.


I manged to watch only the first 10 minutes of the documentary online.  I will try again tomorrow.  I also have further correspondence to post regarding the suspension of Houston Basilian Father Jack Hanna.  I will do so tomorrow.   I’ve had enough for today 🙂

Enough for now,


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