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A few comments on recently posted articles:

(1) Deacon Herman Cassista

The articles on convicted Quebec Deacon Herman Cassista are posted.  I have posted each of four  La Soleil article with English google translation.  The translations are abysmal but, I suppose, better than nothing –  I just don’t know enough to try to correct them without fear of altering the meaning of the original.   So, the following are posted:

09 February 2013: Former Quebec City deacon gets 7 years for sex assault of boys, men

08 February 2013: Seven years in prison for the pedophile Herman Cassista (google translation with original French text) 

27 November 2012: Sentence of 8 to 10 years sought for former deacon pedophile Herman Cassista (google translation with original French text) 

20 September 2012: Cassista regretted sexual assaults on young (google translation with original French text) 

20 September 2012: Cassista exercised psychological hold on young people living with him (google translation with original French text) 

As you can see, the google translations are dicey.

I think I am safe in saying that in or about 1987 Church authorities in the Archdiocese of Quebec knew that Deacon Cassista was molesting and settled a lawsuit out of court.

Do I understand correctly that Cassista was allowed him to continue serving as a deacon? and that no was advised that he was a threat to children?  and that children were molested after that?

And, do I understand correctly that an Archbishop knew?  It seems that is the case.  If yes, what year was that?  The Archbishop of Quebec from  March 1981 to March 1990 was Louis-Albert Vachon , and from 1990 to 2002 was  Maurice Couture, R.S.V.  Which one was it I wonder?  Can anyone clarify this?

Also, note that Cassista received a seven year sentence because of a recent decision by the Quebec Court of Appeal on the Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie CSsR sentencing.  I had seen no media coverage of the latter so I went on a hunt .  I finally found the Court of Appeal ruling (in French):  on 28 October 2012 the court had upped Father Lavoie’s sentence from three to five years.   Therefore, when it came to sentencing Cassista,  Cassista was sentenced to seven years, and that because it was deemed his crimes were worse than those of Lavoie!

(I updated the Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie page, but have not as yet posted the Quebec Court of Appeal ruling.  It’s in French.  I did run it through google to find out what happened and the translation wasn’t too terribly difficult to read.  I think I may  post both the original French and the google because some people may be interested in reading the rationale for the decision.)

(2)  A new bishop for Churchill-Hudson Bay

Another read it and weep…

The new Bishop for the Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay is Anthony Wieslaw Krótki, O.M.I.

16 February 2013: Appointment of new Bishop for Churchill-Hudson Bay 

Do you remember Father Tony  Krotki ?  He’s the priest who fled Igloolik before Easter last year, presumably because he had received threats.  According to news reports, Father Krotki was traumatized.

So, Father Krotki was traumatized and bolted, and in consequence the suffering souls in Igloolik were left without a priest.

And Father Krotki is going to be their bishop, and he’ll be the bishop for the Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay.

This is the territory in which convicted Oblate molester and former fugitive Father Eric Dejaeger served and molested.  Dejaeger’s Nunavut ten-week-trial trial is scheduled for 01 October 2013.  His Edmonton charges are still stuttering their way through the courts toward trial.  In Nunavut there are 76 charges (one of bestiality) and 39 complainants .

And the priest who abandoned the Igloolik flock will be their shepherd through the storm?

Tell me this makes sense?  Is this someone’s idea of a bad joke?  I frankly  find it an insult to those poor souls.

(3)  Conflict of interest?

Note that the sentencing judge for Father George Smith is Father Smith’s lawyer’s cousin:

16 February 2013:  Some victims to attend Smith sentencing

 I have no idea how close the pair are, or how often they chatter about cases, but I just plain am troubled by this news.  Perhaps it’s not as bad since it’s just for sentencing and not trial?  Still, it doesn’t sit right.

And that aside, keep the victims in your prayers as they prepare to see their molester face to face and prepare their Victim Impact Statements.  Those of you who have been there know how difficult a time this is.

Finally, those who are within driving distance of the courthouse in Corner Brook, Newfoundland please mark your calendar now and make plans to be there to support the victims.  Let them know you care.

There are other things I would like to mention, but must do a double check on something on Monday.   There are also comments which I must respond to, and will…:)

Enough for now,





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