Committed to stand trial

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Well, I often talk about silver linings in the dark dirty clouds.  I haven’t talked about them for a while, but today was one of those days.  There is no pleasure per se in sitting in a courtroom hearing a witness recount allegations against a priest.  Never.  As much as the stories are so different they never cease to disturb, and the heart never ceases to ache for the witness.

But, silver linings in abundance today.  I had the good fortune to meet with two people whom I have come to know from Sylvia’s Site 🙂   Silver linings!  I must say that since I began to set my eyes on the sex abuse scandal I have met and come to know so many wonderful people who have enriched my life in so many ways.  A blessing.  Truly.  Thank you all 🙂

Now, the big news. {I have corrected a former post which gave some incorrect information}

Father Rene Labelle’s has been committed to stand trial.   He elected to be tried by judge alone in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  His next court date is  15 March 2013, 10 am,  at the Frontenac courthouse in Kingston, Ontario for pre-trial hearing.  That will NOT be open to the public.

Yes, the preliminary hearing which was booked for two days is over.  It lasted only one day, and Father Labelle is going to trial.  For all you poor souls in Kingston who were convinced that the charges had been withdrawn, not so.  He has been committed to stand trial.

The court room was nearly empty today.  A priest showed up ever so briefly in the morning and sat in the very back row.  There were two women there for most of the day, two men, one of whom spent very little time in the room.  Apparently another woman arrived late in the day.  And then the three of us.

Father Labelle was, of course there.  I don’t know him at all but can say without doubt that he doesn’t look a  lot like the Father Labelle in the picture.  His colour is not good and it looks as though he has lost quite a bit of weight since the picture was taken. He was attired in beige-coloured slacks, a beige-toned plaid jacket, two-tone brown leather deck shoes, and a striped shirt open at the neck.  For what it’s worth, I think the shirt was a white and blue but didn’t see it close enough to be sure.

There was only one witness on the stand today:  the complainant.  A good witness.

Keep the complainant and his family and friends in your prayers.  Today would have been a hard day for all.


 A court date for Oblate Father Eric Dejager tomorrow,  Thursday 07 February 2013, 09:00 courtroom # 356, “to set a date,” Edmonton Alberta courthouse

As I said before, you may recall that there was supposed to be a preliminary hearing 20-21 December 2013 – whatever happened it didn’t get off the ground.  Tomorrow is supposed to be “to set a date,” which may mean setting a new date for a preliminary hearing, but may be just setting another date to set another date.  I doubt that Father Dejaeger will be flown out of Iqaluit for this.

Once again, please keep the complainants in your prayers.  If you can get down to the courthouse to find out what’s happening please do.


And now I am going to call it a day.  I will be home tomorrow after all so free to post a few articles I would like to get up :).

Enough for now,


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  1. Sylvia says:

    An error re Father Rene Labelle. Yes, he has been committed to stand trial, and yes he has elected trial by judge in the Ontario Supreme Court of Justice, but NO, his trial date is not 15 March 2013. He does have a court date 15 March, but that court date is a pre-trial hearing, and as a pre-trial hearing that will NOT be open to the public.

    This will now bump its way through the courts again at the Supreme Court of Ontario level. It will probably be a number of months before there is a trial in sight.

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