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Yesterday, as promised, I added a new tab to the menu.  I called it  Settlements.  This is to allow for ease of access to the Michel Bastarache material.  Eventually, as you can see, I will add pages with information regarding the Antigonish Diocese and Christian Brothers of Alfred and Uxbridge settlements, but, for now I wanted to centralize the material related to the Bastarache conciliation deals in both the Diocese of Bathurst and the Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunwick.  There is more that can be done, but for now I think there is enough for people to more eadily access and follow the articles and blogs in order to get a sense of what has been happening since Mr. Bastarache was first retained around the Spring of 2010 by Bathurst`s then Bishop, Valery Vianneau.

I have also added a page with some background information on Michel Bastarache and, given his years with the company and its early ties to the Roman Catholic church in New Brunswick, some information on Assumption Mutual Life.

I could have spent many more hours digging around but eventually comes the time to say ènough for now`and call it a day.  I called it quits last evening.

I ask you New Brunswick people to look through the material and please let me know if there is anything which should be added.

The following files have been added:

 Booklet: Century of Assertion (The First One Humdred Years of Assumption Life 1903-2003 

Above in French:  Un Siecle d`affirmation   Assomption Vie 

Articles re Assumption Mutual Life Insurance


Just in case someone missed it, this article which lets us know what Peter Engelmann, former lead commission counsel for the Cornwall Public Inquiry, is up to these days:

30 January 2013: “School head didn’t alert police to sex assault: affidavit” & related articles 

Note that Engelmann is representing the teachers who are accused of failing to notify parents and police that a student in their care was sexually assualted by a group of fellow students during a trip to Boston.


A new bishop for you poor souls in Bathurst:

22 January 2013: Appointment of new Bishop for Bathurst 

Dare we hope that Bishop Jodoin will bring transparency?  Dare we dream that he will post the Bastarache report online?


Three groups of articles of interest posted.  I have already made comment on each – will leave it at that:

01 February 2013: Cardinal Mahony relieved of duties over handling of abuse 

30 January 2013: “Probe of abuse not over, DA says: Adults who were aware could face consequences ” & related articles 

31 January 2013: `Phila. jury convicts 2 in sexual assault of altar boy`& related articles

Enough for now.


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