A little misery

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There are two court dates for tomorrow (Tuesday, 15 January 2013), both in Ontario:

(1) Father John E.Sullivan

15 January 2013:  09:30 am, courtroom #101, “to be spoken to,” North Bay, Ontario court house (360 Plouffe Street)

You may recall that Father Sullivan now resides in Montreal.  I think it is highly doubtful that he will show up in a North Bay, Ontario courthouse tomorrow.  One way or the other he will eventually have to show, or at least be teleconferenced.  I could be mistaken, but I don’t think that will happen tomorrow.

If there is anyone in the North Bay area who is free to pop into he courthouse to find out what is going on please do so.

As always, please keep the complainant in your prayers, and please pass on news and/or links to media coverage of the outcome.

(2) Father Linus Bastien

15 January 2013: 09:30 am, courtroom #6, “to set a date,” Windsor Ontario courthouse

This is on the Windsor charges.

I encourage those who can do so to attend.  Again, please keep the complainants in your prayers, and please pass on news and/or links to media coverage of the outcome.


Touch of the flu here.  Husband home sick with flu Thursday and Friday.  I have it now – not too bad, but a little bit of misery 🙁

Enough for now,


P.S.  Sounds as though I will be going to Victoria BC to testify on 27 February  after all. I had a call to that effect on Friday last.  Details have not been sorted out – am awaiting a call or email.

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  1. PJ says:

    My prayers are with the complainant in the case against the pervert sullivan. Having been down that road against this collar I know how trying it might get…God bless you for having the courage to come forward. If I were local, I would be there for the victim/survivor.

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