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The sex abuse trial of Father Philip Jacobs continues today (08 January 2012) with closing arguments: Victoria, British Columbia courthouse.  I get the impression that there are perhaps two days booked for closing arguments, today (08 Jan.) and tomorrow (09 Jan.) – I’m not sure about that but do know for certain that there will be closing arguments today.

One both the Crown and defence have presented their submissions the case goes tot he judge.  The judge will take some time to consider the evidence – a date will be set to render the verdict.  If the verdict is guilty another date will be set for a sentencing hearing, at which time the Crown and defence will tell the judge what sentence they would like to see imposed:  it is also at this time that victims who wish to do so can read their victim impact statements in court.

The sequence can change, ie at times a judge will pronounce sentence at the sentencing hearing, but that is not the norm.

As always I encourage those who can do so to attend today’s proceedings.  Please keep the complainants in your prayers, and please pass on news of what happens in court and/or links to any and all media coverage.


An update on other pending court dates:

(1)  Father Joe LeClair

Tomorrow morning, 09 January 2013:  08:30 am, courtroom #5, Ottawa, Ontario courthouse.

(2) Father Linus Bastien

Father Bastien is currently facing two sets of charges in two jurisdictions: Chatham Ontario and Windsor, Ontario.

WINDSOR charges:  15 January 2013: 09:30 am, courtroom #6, “to set a date.”

CHATHAM charges: 04 February 2013: 09:00 am, Chatham, Ontario courthouse.

(3) Father John Sullivan

15 January 2013: 09:30 am, courtroom #101, “to be spoken to,” North Bay, Ontario courthouse

(4) Father George Smith

22 January 2013:  Sentencing hearings, Corner Brook, Newfoundland courthouse.  (I will try to get start time this week.)

(5) Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb

On 06 September 2012 Basilian predator Father O’Keefe entered a guilty plea to charges in Ottawa, Ontario.  He was given a nine-month conditional sentence.

There are charges against him in Quebec.  His next court date in Quebec is 22 January 2013:  09:00 am, courtroom #4, “pro forma.”  Hull, Quebec courthouse.

(6) Father Daniel Miller

22 January 2013: judicial pre-trial, 2 pm, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse (this is NOT open to the public)

(7) Paul Leroux

Leroux has been convicted twice in the past for sex abuse of boys – his last conviction in 1998 was  for sex abuse of boys at the Grollier Hall residential school in Inuvik.  The current charges rleate to abuse of young boys at the  Beauval Indian Residential School (Saskatchewan) between 1960 to 1967

Paul Leroux’ next court date is 22 January 2013: pre-trial, Battleford Saskatchewan court house. (This is NOT opne tot he public)

(8) Father Eric Dejager omi

Next court date on the Edmonton, Alberta charges is 07 February 2013: 09:00 am, courtroom #356, “to set a date.”  This “to set a date” is to once again set a date for a preliminary hearing.  A preliminary hearing was previously scheduled for 20-21 December 2012 – for whatever reason it never got off the ground.

As you can see, it’s a busy few weeks ahead.  There are others scheduled for the last two weeks of February.  I won’t cover them right now. If you want to see what’s coming up check the Legal Calendar.

Enough for now,


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