Tears to boot

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I really must ensure everyone sees this.  From the Father Phil Jacobs sex abuse trial, it falls into the category of ‘Believe it or Not’:

17 December 2012:  “Accused former priest testifies in own defence” & “Father Phil Jacobs denies abuse allegations”

So, we are now to believe that it was an act of compassion and perfect charity which prompted Father Philip Jacobs to sexually abuse those boys in the States????  that he was teaching them to masturbate?  that he, a priest, felt obliged to undermine the teachings of his Church, put himself in a state of mortal sin,  and perform these ‘noble’ act?  and it was all in the best interests of the boys?????

What tripe.  I am sure he has thought long and hard and stayed awake at nights coming up with this nonsense.

And tears to boot.

Well, yes.  Those who follow the site will recall the account of Jacobs tears in Saudi Arabia, this when he was lying through his teeth telling people that both his little girl and wife had died.  An outright lie.  But, Jacobs  did such a masterful job with the lie that by the time he was finished he was in tears, …. as was his audience.

And never forget that this man lived and worked over there and few if any of his colleagues ever knew he was a Roman Catholic priest.  Staff at the college were I think as shocked to find out he was a Roman Catholic priest as they were to find out that he was a child molester.

I hope the Crown and judge are on their toes and don;t let this nonsense and crocodile tears win the day.

How I wish they had witnesses testifying to the lies Jacobs told in Saudi Arabia, and the tears he shed while doing so.  Some who were ready and willing to talk to police.

Let’s pray that justice is done and all lies are flushed out into the open.

Enough for now,


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