Where is he now?

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Please note:  I have added the name of Father Damian Cooper and  a link to a page with further information to the Accused page.  If anyone can add any information please contact me (Sylvia) at this email address: cornwall@theinquiry.ca.

Note that after the Archdiocese of Victoria was advised of the abuse (1994) Father Damien Cooper was presumably sent off for treatment to the States and then wound up serving in the New York Diocese of Rockville Centre.  According to news reports, “officials with the Vancouver Archdiocese claim that The Vancouver archdiocese had nothing to do with him going there.”  The same article also indicates that the spokesman “Schratz said the church took steps to ensure Cooper could do no more harm, including counselling and removing him from being a priest.”

I am, quite frankly, thoroughly confused here.  If in fact the archdiocese took steps to ensure Cooper could do no more harm by removing him from the priesthood, then Father Cooper would have been laicized/defrocked and unable to present himself or function as a priest.  That obviously did not happen.

Furthermore, the claim that the archdiocese had nothing to do with Father Cooper going to the Diocese of Rockville Centre in the States is a bit of dancing on the head of the proverbial pin.  Is the inference here that officials at  Rockville Centre failed to check with the Vancouver Diocese to ensure that Cooper was indeed a Roman Catholic in “good standing”  incardinated in the Vancouver Archdiocese?  I could see that that might happened if he were in the diocese for a matter of months.  It wouldn’t be right, and it would be negligence on the part of those  who are supposed to check priests like him out  , but I could perhaps see that happening in that instance.  But, my goodness, Cooper was with the Rockville Centre Diocese for years, not months.  And we’re to believe that no one checked his credentials?  Not a single soul did due diligence and checked to ensure that he was in fact a bona fide Roman Catholic priest?  No one?!

IF in fact Church officials at Rockville did NOT do their job and check him out, did not a single soul in the Vancouver archdiocese know that Cooper was functioning as a priest down there? No one?!  No one but no one knew where he went after he headed off to the States for ‘treatment’?! No one tried to find out to ensure that he was fine?  No one tried to find out where he was to ensure he was not getting his sullied priestly hands on another teenage girl?

And we’re to believe that not a soul in the Rockville Centre Diocese picked up the phone or dashed off a letter to the Vancouver Archdiocese to find out a little more about this Father Damien Cooper who had landed in their midst.  Not one?!!  Did they truly NOT know that he had been receiving treatment somewhere in the States because of his long-term sexual abuse of a young girl?

I have trouble with all of this.  I really do have trouble with it all.  If that’s the case, then a whole lot of Church officials should be fired for their sheer incompetence – on both sides of the border.

We shall see…

Finally, a question:   what brought Father Damien Cooper back to British Columbia and working at a rape crisis centre in 2005?

And, one more.  Last but by no means least, another question:  where is Father Damian Cooper now?  is he still a priest?  if not, why not?  if he is, where is he?  has he been incardinated in an out-of-country diocese?  Where is he?

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2 Responses to Where is he now?

  1. Sylvia says:

    Well, well – look at this:

    14 December 2012: Vancouver archdiocese says it informed N.Y. diocese of priest’s history of sex abuse allegations

    Spokesman Paul Schratz had it all wrong. The Vancouver Archdiocese did in fact inform the Diocese of Rockville Centre of Father Damian Cooper’s “history.” AND, Rockville Centre allegedly terminated Cooper in 2001 “as problems of a similar nature had arisen there.”

    Schratz would not provide details as to what exactly that means, but did tell the Vancouver Sun that it did not involve underage women?

    What then was the problem which was deemed serious enough by this very liberal diocese to give Father Damien Cooper the boot? There are only so many options, aren’t there?

    What was it? What would be considered “of a similar nature” to his abuse of Kathleen Taylor? And why is it a secret?

    No matter, a very different account of events from Mr. Scratz yesterday. I wonder how he ever managed to get things so scrambled and so terribly wrong?

    And, of course, here we have yet another example of a recycled priest who was graciously taken in by a bishop across the border and unleashed on a trusting and unwitting flock. And, yes, by the sound of it, there is indeed another victim somewhere down there.

    I really would like to see what exactly the bishop or whoever it was said in the letter to the Bishop of Rockville Centre. I’d just like to see for myself what exactly was said about Father Cooper.

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Someone in this whole sordid little affair is lying, it’s as simple as that. Remember our old Prime Minister – “I am entitled to my entitlements!”.. Mike.

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