Doubt he will be there

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Gabriel Del Bianco has a court date scheduled for tomorrow (Friday, 23 Nov. 2012) at the courthouse in Sarnia, Ontario.  I don’t have the start time but will guess it will probably be at 09:30 am.

There probably won’t be much to see or hear – the dates have probably already been selected so more than likely it will be over and done with in the twinkle of an eye.  I doubt that Del Bianco will be there.

If anyone is free to attend to see what happens please do so and pass on word of the outcome.

Keep the complainants in your prayers.  Court dates are always difficult for them – no matter how insignificant a court date may seem to the rest of the world those days are difficult days for the complainants.


I am awaiting a call back for info on Father Peter Sanczenko. Hopefully I will be able to pass along a date for trial.

Enough for now,


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